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  • Friday, May 3, 2019: Leadership APTA online application deadline. The application materials must include the completed online application form and profile information; a 750-word essay including a statement of intent plus a response to four specific questions from the Leadership APTA Committee; a resume including current and past positions and experiences that includes timelines; two letters of recommendation – in most cases, one from the top executive of the sponsoring organization; the other from the applicant’s supervisor/client; and a committee/task force/area of interest upon graduation. All application materials must be submitted online.
  • End-June 2019: The Leadership APTA Committee meets to review and evaluate the applications and select the Leadership APTA Class of 2020.
  • Within Two-Weeks of the Above Meeting: APTA notifies the applicant’s primary APTA point-of-contact of the Leadership APTA Committee’s decision.
  • Late July/Early August: All applicants receive a written letter from APTA.
  • Early to Mid August: Initial teleconference and online meeting with the Leadership APTA Class of 2020, leadership of Leadership APTA Committee, and staff.
  • September 20, 2019: Tuition payment due at APTA.
  • October 13-16, 2019: APTA 2019 TRANSform Conference in New York, NY. Incoming class introduced to APTA leadership, members, and Leadership APTA alumni. Incoming class provided opportunities to participate in customized Leadership APTA workshops and sessions, attend APTA committee meetings, conference sessions, and Leadership APTA events.
  • End-October 2019: Teleconference and online meeting with class members, Leadership APTA committee leadership, and APTA staff, as preliminary review and preparation for the December workshop.
  • December 4 – December 7, 2019: Four-day Leadership APTA required workshop in Washington, DC including discussion of leadership project topics. (Note: Dates to be confirmed.)
  • January – February 2020: Scheduled teleconference and online meetings with class members, Leadership APTA Committee members, and APTA staff to review class preparations and planning for the March 2020 Legislative Conference and to discuss upcoming leadership project topics.
  • March 13-18, 2020: APTA Legislative Conference and Leadership APTA workshops in Washington, D.C. Class leadership project topics selected and project teams finalized.
  • Mid-March through Mid-July 2020: Project team work includes team planning and discussions, industry interviews, teleconferences, and online practice sessions in preparation for the July 2018 delivery of class leadership projects.
  • July 13-18 or July 20-25, 2020: Five-day Leadership APTA Capstone Session. Class teams deliver executive leadership project presentations. (Note: Dates and location to be confirmed.)
  • Late August: Final versions of Leadership APTA Class project presentations and related project papers due to APTA.
  • October 11-14, 2020: APTA TRANSform Conference & Expo in Anaheim, CA. Graduating class honored. Graduating class members provided with multiple opportunities to deliver leadership project presentations during committee meetings, conference sessions and events at the 2020 APTA TRANSform Conference & Expo. ​​​​​​

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