How does your agency respond when a once-in-a century storm hits, someone is killed on your system, or the public challenges the way your agency operates? What’s the role of board members and board support in reassuring your community and customers that their investment in transit is sound? 

These topics will be explored during a one-hour webinar conducted by Morgan Lyons, Assistant Vice President, External Relations at Dallas Area Rapid Transit. Morgan has worked more than 30 years as a professional communicator as an award-winning journalist and corporate communicator in both private and public sector organizations. He has been DART’s chief spokesperson since 1996. He is vice chair of APTA’s Marketing/Communications Committee and served on the Authorization Task Force. He is a frequent presenter at APTA conferences and workshops, most recently at the 2015 Marketing/Communications Workshop and 2015 Bus and Paratransit Conference. 

This interactive webinar will review current challenges and identify possible best practices for transit board members and board support staff facing a crisis or critical incident. ​

Joyce Zuczek, co-chair, Webinars/Education Committee, APTA Board Support Subcommittee, Transit Board Members Committee; and board secretary/director, records management & OPRA, New Jersey Transit Corporation, Newark, NJ
Featured Speaker:
Morgan Lyons, Director, Media Relations, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Dallas, TX


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