Building a Sustainable Workforce in Public Transportation (TCRP Report 162) 

Event Details

This webinar session was held on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.

Session Overview

This webinar was held by The National Transit Institute, in collaboration with the American Public Transportation Association, these two organizations developed the following webinar based on TCRP Report 162. This report provided a guidebook that addressed contemporary issues in workforce development including recruitment, retention, training, professional capacity building, and public transportation image management. Additionally this webinar addressed the leading reasons for why the viewer would want or need to understand the importance of workforce sustainability and how workplace stability influences his or her status within the company? 


  • Dr. Candace Blair Cronin, Senior Manager, ICF International’s Center for Workforce Research and Performance (CWRP)[Place holder for bio and picture of Candace Cronin]


The purpose of TCRP Project F-16A was to integrate and build on the best available public transportation and peer-industry workforce research. Specifically, the goal of this project was to offer a compelling analysis of effective tools for public transportation leaders to use to implement state-of-the-art workforce practices that produce better business results while also supporting more effective, integrated organizations that are rewarding places to work. Like a poorly maintained bus, a neglected workforce will lose its ability to function effectively over time, and even possibly fail to carry out


TCRP Report 162

Target audience

Senior executives, leaders, and those supporting the hiring, development, and retention of the workforce.


For more information on this webinar, please contact:

Joe Niegoski
Director-Educational Services

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