E-Learning and Employee Engagement

E-Learning and Employee Engagement2019-02-12T11:43:40-04:00

Annual Survey and Employee Feedback (Pierce Transit)

A yearly survey, supplemented by quarterly meetings in which Pierce Transit gathers worker feedback and weekly updates from the agency CEO. Currently looking for more feedback ideas that do not rely on email contact with workers, including terminals for feedback at work.
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Employee Promotability Program (Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority)

A training program focusing on job search and professional skills such as resume writing, interview skills, and similar competencies.
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Employee Recognition Programs (Pierce Transit)

Programs include: A daylong program honoring operators and frontline staff, and an “Operator of the Month” program honoring outstanding work, rewards, and recognition for employees with good performance.
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Engagement Survey (Orange County Transportation Authority)

A survey of administrative employees focusing on eleven key drivers of employment, with plans to be repeated regularly in order to survey general employee morale and organizational‚Äč culture.
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PT Pro E-Learning (Pierce Transit)

An online portal to courses which include both mandatory (e.g. OSHA) trainings and optional other courses for management training. Many of Pierce’s other programs, including management and Lean training, are offered and managed through this platform, which serves employees from frontline workers to executives.
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Quarterly Networking Events (Chicago Transit Authority)

Quarterly events to provide professional opportunities to staff, including both networking events and resume trainings, as well as various workshops on various aspects of the transit industry.
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Social Media Recruitment Campaign (Blacksburg Transit)

Blacksburg Transit massively increased the number of applications to be a bus operator through a digital advertising campaign based primarily on Facebook. Different campaigns and language were used to specifically target millennials, mid-career workers, and retirees.
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