Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium (Many Agencies)

Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium (Many Agencies)2019-04-09T12:27:38-04:00

SCRTTC is a consortium of transit agencies and other partners officially formed in 2004 to provide technical training to its members. The consortium is based on the idea that colleges have expertise in technical training that transit agencies can take advantage of in order to develop and teach courses. There are 46 members of SCRTTC, 65% of whom are transit agencies and another 25% of whom are colleges, with the final 10% being miscellaneous​ other private partners. The consortium will contract with an outside agency to develop a course and then train representative from the constituent agencies and schools to teach that course. These new trainers will then hold that course at their respective institutions with space available for employees of all SCRTTC agencies. SCRTTC has developed 31 distinct courses so far, of which 12-18 are usually taught each year, with 20 students per course.


Mr. David M Stumpo, Executive Director


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