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“SuperTrain” Management Training (Orange County Transportation Authority)

A 7 module program offered to new and aspiring supervisors. This open-enrollment program focuses on management skills such as team building and goal setting.
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Certification and Degree Program (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

A partnership with local universities in which individuals working for BART can choose to take courses in management and be granted the certifications they need to move up within the agency.
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Lean Program (Pierce Transit)

​Based off Lean maintenance philosophy stressing efficiency and innovative, flexible solutions. Basic course includes an introduction to Lean theory followed by practical applications. Additional offerings include a Leadership course with similar content, but a focus on supporting frontline employees, and a Green Belt program in which trainees learn more about Lean philosophy, and implement it in an individual program designed to improve Pierce Transit’s efficiency.
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Management Development Academy (Orange County Transportation Authority)

Smaller-scale version of Leadership Development Academy detailed above, taught over the course of 8 monthly 5-hour sessions. The program focuses on leadership skills and how to motivate a team of employees.

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Manager and Supervisor Training (King County Transit)

A 5-6 month program aimed at entry-level managers. The training combines classroom sessions, individual projects, and 1-1 coaching to effectively develop the talents of new first-level managers.
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Manager in Training Program (Chicago Transit Authority)

This is a 10-month program, taught one weekend a month by a local college faculty. The programs focus is aimed at teaching entry-level managers how different departments function within the organization.
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Metro Leadership Academy (Los Angeles Metro)

A yearlong program taught through a partnership with a local community college. The program teaches management skills and provides an opportunity to learn skills that would be needed to excel in higher-level positions.
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Monthly Course Calendar (Chicago Transit Authority)

A new set of workshops are offered each month for comprehensive programming year round. Employees can register for courses in the following categories: Professional Development, Learn and Lead, Health and Safety (Both required and supplemental), and Technical (e.g. Microsoft Office skills).
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Public Transit Management Academy (Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority)

A multi-session program offered to employees at all levels of GCRTA who have shown initiative in order to teach management skills and prepare them for potential future promotions.
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San Mateo Research, Training, and Development Consortium (San Mateo County Transit)

Countywide system, not specific to transit, which has 3 academies for workers, supervisors, and leaders within San Mateo County agencies. These semester-based courses include general professional development skills such as management and emotional intelligence, while bus operators have a specific program.
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Santa Monica Institute (Santa Monica Big Blue Bus)

This citywide, cross-department program run by the City of Santa Monica, offers a 10-week program of courses to both frontline and staff employees, most of whom enroll in at least one course a year. These courses include both mandatory training and optional development programs.
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Soft and Hard Skills Training (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

Training in both workplace and technical skills offered year-round by BART for the past 3 years. Enrollment is optional.
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Succession Management (King County Transit)

A program specializing in the development and support of first and second line managerial careers. It provides professional development with the aim of helping them eventually get promoted to higher positions within the agency.
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Succession Planning Program (Orange County Transportation Authority)

A program in which managers examine specific competencies that the OCTA needs, and creates development plans to ensure that OCTA provides proper succesion training to people to these specific competencies.
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Supervisory Training and Education Program (Santa Monica Big Blue Bus)

This program was designed to allow frontline employees to stand in as temporary managers and gain valuable experience which could eventually be lead to full time promotions in theses roles. Either within BBB or at another agency or organization.
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Talent Management Program (Pierce Transit)

New talent management software has enabled more effective talent management. Applicant pools can be sorted automatically by different competencies and skills, 4 classes per cycle are offered to improve skills which are then automatically tracked and incorporated into planning.
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University of the Pacific Transit and Paratransit Maintenance Course (San Mateo County Transit)

Course initially offered by UoP, now taught in-house by San Mateo County Transit focusing on managing bus operations. This course consists of 8-9 sessions held every two weeks. Its framework is based around the Next Gen Leader program.
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