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Executive Leadership Training Program (Chicago Transportation Authority)

This executive leadership program builds competencies among executives 1-2 levels below an agency CEO, and prepares them to potentially run their own transit agencies. The program is taught in a series of 5-day gatherings every 2-4 months in coordination with other transit agencies.
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Leadership Development Academy (Orange County Transportation Authority)

A yearlong program taught in monthly daylong sessions, modeled on Leadership APTA and other executive training initiatives. The program focuses on innovation and broad strategic planning that takes into account the needs of all organizational departments.
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MAX Program (Los Angeles Metro, Regional Transportation District – Denver, Utah Transit Authority, Dallas Area Rapid Transit)

The Transit Leadership Exchange, co-taught with Eno Center for Transportation, ia program in which teams of executives visit facilities of participating agencies to exchange tips, and observe how their operations.​
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Midwest Transit Leadership Exchange (Various Agencies)

Agencies such as Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, the New York MTA, and several Pennsylvania agencies exchange leaderships, and meet at the facilities of various participating agencies in order to discuss best practices and build relationships for future collaboration.
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