Leadership Development Academy (Orange County Transportation Authority)

Leadership Development Academy (Orange County Transportation Authority)2019-04-09T15:43:04-04:00

This program lasts a full year and is modelled off of other executive training programs such as Leadership APTA. OCTA employees in upper management can self-select and apply to this program. Each cohort has roughly 13-15 people, and cohorts are run every couple of years. The program meets for one full-day session each month, and has been run for 3 cohorts so far. During the most recent session, the trainees were broken up into 3 teams and developed their own independent projects in these groups with the help of an advisor over the course of the program. The program focuses on teaching innovation and “de-siloing” OCTA, exposing executives to different departments of the organization to give them a more holistic perspective for future decision making.


Ms. Julie A. Espy, Manager, Learning & Development

E-mail: jespy@octa.net

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