The webinar series will address an extensive range of workforce needs ranging from partnership to safety. 

Join us for pressing topics of interest facing the public transportation industry. Each webinar session will feature industry leaders and experts who will share their insights and best practices on a broad range of subject areas and topics, breakthough solutions, innovations, and resources. Each webinar will provide opportunities for audience Q&A. 
Please click on each webinar’s title for more details.
  • ​Innovative Teaching and Collaborative Partnerships​
    September 16, 2015 

    Moderator: Paul Larrousse, Director, NationalTransit Institute; Vice Chair, Higher Education Subcommittee, RutgersUniversity, New Jersey

    Facilitator: Dr. A. Emily Parkany, P.E., ManagingDirector, Mid-Atlantic Transportation Sustainability, University TransportationCenter, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

    Presenters: Dr. Rebecca Townsend,Professor and Chair, Communications & Humanities Department, ManchesterCommunity College;  Garrett Wheat,Teaching Associate, LADOTD Leadership Development Institute;  Chen-Fu Liao, Center for TransportationStudies Research Scholar, Senior Systems Engineer, Department of Civil Environmentaland Geo Engineering, University of Minnesota; Jess Guerra, associate Professor, Department Chair, Advanced,Transportation & Manufacturing, Los Angeles Technical Trade College, LosAngeles, CA;  Marion Jane Colston,Director, Strategic and Organizational Planning, Los Angeles CountyMetropolitan Transportation Authority; Cherie Sprague, GPHR, SPHR, Senior HR Executive, Denver RegionalTransportation District

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  • ​APTA’s July 2015 p-REES Seminar: Educating Engineer Faculty about the Transit Industry​
    December 16, 2015

    This webinar, hosted by APTA’s HR Committee and BMBG, showcased the July2015 premier of the p-REES Seminar, a collaboration with APTA and the AmericanRailway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA). The webinarhighlighted the benefits of this collaborative model between AREMA, theacademic communities, engineering schools, faculty, and industry. Industryleaders provided background in the launch of p-REES, p-REES faculty speakersaddressed topics from their presentations, and Seminar attendeesgave their perspectives, including lessons learned, take-aways,and their next steps. This webinar also included some time for audience Q&A withour speakers.

    Moderator and Facilitator:
    Lydia C. Grose, Chair, Human ResourcesCommittee, Director of Engineering and Design Civil Engineering, SouthernPennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

    Jeff Wharton, President, IMPulse NC LLC, APTA Board of Directors member,APTA BMBG 1st Vice Chair;  Mike Pochop, P.E., VicePresident, Civil Engineering, Hanson Professional Services Inc., Past Chair,Education and Training Committee, AREMA; Mike Lohr, Americas Transit and Rail Practice Leader – CivilEngineering, CH2M Hill;  Bill Thomsen,P.E., President & CEO, Urban Engineers of New York, P.C.;  Dr. Chris Barkan, Ph.D, Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Center Director,NURail, Executive Director, Rail Transportation and EngineeringCenter (RailTEC);  Dr. Leslie McCarthy, Ph.D, P.E., AssistantProfessor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Villanova University, Collegeof Engineering;  Natalie Cornell,Director, Business Development, LTK Engineering Services;  Dr. Candace Brakewood, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, City College of New York;  Dr. Xiang Liu, Ph.D,Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, Rutgers University;  Jess Guerra, Chairman, Advanced Transportation & Manufacturing, Los AngelesTrade Technical College, Director, Transportation Workforce Institute

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