2016 Human Resources Committee Webinar

2016 Human Resources Committee Webinar2019-01-09T15:00:51-04:00

Diversity in the Transportation Industry: Attracting and Engaging Diverse Groups (October 13, 2016)

Webinar O​verview​

Diversity of people,minds and thought unlocks great potential for the transportation industry.Breaking down barriers, diversity creates an environment of inclusion and ceaseless knowledge sharing among communities, organizations, and individuals. The objective of this session is to explore and celebrate diversity through its many forms, voices, and audiences. We will begin to examine diversity as a significant cultural value, rather than a set of baseline numbers. Our conversations  and stories expand the definition of diversity as we look into a range of topics, including careers and opportunities, serving underrepresented populations, and  organizational transformations.​

Event Details

This joint webinar was conducted in association with the TRB Standing Committee on Education and Training, the National Network for the Transportation workforce, and the APTA Human Resources Committee.

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