Supervisory Skills Training for
New Transit Operations and Maintenance Supervisors

A Webinar Series Featuring Selected Core Competencies

Top operations and maintenance performers often are promoted to supervisory roles without having some of the essential knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their new supervisory responsibilities. View this unique webinar series designed to help new transit operations and maintenance supervisors learn about some fundamental core competencies and related skills important for their success.

Each 90-minute webinar session features selected new supervisor training modules developed by APTA transit agencies and delivered by their instructors. Competency areas featured through agency training modules offered in this series include: communications, developing others, interpersonal skills and managing work.

Audience members who participated in the live webinars benefited from the actual mini-training sessions along with having time for questions and answer periods and learning about the featured programs from the session instructors.

Webinar Series

Please note: These webinars were originally held in May to June, 2011, but recordings and presentation slides of each webinar are available to APTA members.

Please click on each webinar’s title for more details.

Core Competencies Background

ATPA members cited supervisor training as one of the top industry priorities in a recent APTA survey report. (See related materials below). In response to this priority need, APTA assembled an advisory group of its members representing a cross-section on the industry – public and private sectors, large, medium and small agencies and organizations. This group of over 20 individuals identified, reviewed and discussed a broad range of core competencies and skills important for new supervisors.

Recognizing we cannot address all needs for all people in a small set of webinar sessions, the group settled on providing sample training sessions from their respective training programs that would address aspects of the following core competencies important for new supervisors:

  • Communications
  • Developing Others
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Managing Work

The four webinars address a combination of the above competencies. We hope that you will see the value in this pilot project from APTA’s 2011 Business Plan.

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