Joint APTA and FTA Webinar: Improving Your Asset Information and Embracing Continual Improvement

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 2:00 – 3:15 pm EST

This webinar will discuss two critical elements of any TAM program:  improving your asset information and embracing continual improvement.

  1. Appropriate and good quality Asset Information is critical to support optimized decision-making and good practice Transit Asset Management.  The webinar will provide guidance for transit agencies wishing to better understand, specify, collect and manage their Asset Information, and how this can ultimately improve their approach to Asset Management.  It will offer practical examples tailored to transit, along with good practices and lessons learned from around the world. The webinar will also feature APTA’s Recommended Practice for Improving Asset Management Through Better Asset Information.
  2. It is often said that organizational improvement is a journey and Transit Asset Management is no different.  This webinar will introduce the philosophy of continual improvement, which is fundamental to any good practice management approach.  It centers on the concept that no organization is perfect, and it should therefore design processes and promote a culture to identify and implement opportunities for improvement in a structured and controlled way.  It introduces the notion of a generational approach to improvement, whereby a TAM process or document is defined, implemented and monitored, with improvements identified and incorporated into a second generation, which itself is then subject to future improvement and update.


  • Laura Zale, Manager of Asset Management, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), Philadelphia, PA


  • Simon Smith, Principal Consultant, AMCL, New York, NY
  • Luke Westlund, Manager – Business Analysis, Regional Transportation District, Denver, CO
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Joint APTA and FTA Webinar:
How to Engage Your Transit Asset Management Stakeholders

Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 2:00 – 3:15 PM EST

Transit asset management is an iterative process that involves continuous coordination with both internal and external stakeholders. Implementing an improved approach to TAM will require effective strategies for engaging this wide range of stakeholders and can have significant benefits and improved outcomes for the agency. This webinar delved into the different approaches transit agencies are taking to communicate with external groups, such as a metropolitan planning organization (MPO), and to building a TAM culture at all levels of their agency. With FTA’s National Transit Database being published with transit asset management data for the first time this fall, our experts also provided some guidance for TAM teams to answer questions that may arise from the NTD targets. The webinar featured two APTA recommended practices, Building Internal Stakeholder Support for an Asset Management Program and Communication and Coordination with External Stakeholders for Transit Asset Management, recently published in September 2019.


  • Laura Zale, Senior Asset Management Engineer, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), Philadelphia, PA


  • Jordan Holt, Sr. Performance Analyst, WMATA, Washington, DC
  • Todd Lang, Director of Transportation Planning, Baltimore Metropolitan Council, Baltimore, MD
  • Victor Rivas, Strategic Consulting – Asset Management, Jacobs, Boston, MA

PRESENTATION SLIDES: APTA_FTA Webinar – How to Engage Your TAM Stakeholders

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Joint APTA and FTA Webinar:
Communicating Transit Asset Management Compliance and Programs

Thursday, April 25, 2019, 2:00 – 3:15 pm PM EST

Transit agencies were required to have completed their transit asset management plan in October 2018, and now many agencies are considering how to move forward with implementing transit asset management processes and programs. Communication is the first step of creating an asset management culture at a transit agency. Our experts discussed available FTA and APTA resources and tools for communicating the value of TAM to agency executives and staff to answer questions, such as: “Is our TAM Plan Compliant with FTA Guidelines?,”“What are we doing to refine our TAMP?,” and “The TAMP is signed, are we done now?” APTA’s Recommended Practice for Communicating Your Transit Asset Management Plan was also featured on this webinar.


  • Laura Zale, Senior Asset Management Engineer, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), Philadelphia, PA


  • Mshadoni Smith, Transit Asset Management Program Manager, Federal Transit Administration, Washington, DC
  • Luke Westlund, Supervisor, State of Good Repair, Regional Transportation District, Denver, CO

PRESENTATION SLIDES: APTA_FTA Webinar – Communicating TAM Compliance and Programs

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