Board Member Training

Professional development sessions focus on public transportation board members’ policy and governance roles, as well as their support functions. Educational sessions are offered in areas such as the Board’s fiduciary responsibilities, planning, succession, ethics, legislative advocacy, community partnerships, open records, the Chief Executive, and much more.

CEO Programs

APTA Transit CEO Seminar
This executive leadership forum on emerging trends and best practices focuses on public transportation policy, new business models, security, labor relations, funding, finance, and other issues.

APTA Bus & Paratransit Conference Sessions
The conference includes over 30 specialized educational sessions, technical training workshops, interactive presentations, special events, and tours. The conference also includes a bus display and exhibitor showcase featuring the latest bus and paratransit vehicles, products, and services.

APTA Rail Conference Sessions
Workshops and technical sessions cover timely issues of widespread interest in operations, technology, safety, security, planning, finance, capital projects, and the technical aspects of providing all modes of rail service: urban, commuter, high-speed, and intercity.​

Senior Leadership Courses and Programs

Eno Transit Executive Seminar
The Eno Transit Executive Seminar is an intensive week-long course held in Washington, DC. The course curriculum consists of individual coaching, leadership assessments, and classroom instruction from veteran transit leaders from across the industry. In addition, participants also focus on building individual interpersonal skills in small group settings. It is tailored specifically for senior-level managers who report to their General Manager or CEO in public transportation agencies and in companies that serve the transit industry.

Leadership APTA is the American Public Transportation Associations (APTA) premiere professional development program designed to develop and support the next generation of APTA leaders and the public transportation industry. The Leadership APTA Committee selects 25 individuals from among APTA member applicants to participate in a year-long program that includes skill-building workshops, conferences, executive roundtables, class leadership projects, teleconferences, online meetings, and web-based events.
The NTI Maintenance Leadership Workshop teaches administrative skills, strategic planning, and leadership techniques to current managers working in transit maintenance. This course is valuable both for individuals looking to develop their professional capacities, and for agencies looking to prepare their next generation of executives. The course includes both workshop sessions and networking opportunities for maintenance professionals.

SURTC Rural Transit Manager Course
Principles of Transit Management is an intensive three-day course developed by SURTC that covers virtually all aspects of transit and paratransit management for operators of tribal transit programs across the country. This course is broken into individual modules which cover, human resource management, financial management, administration, operations and service design, procurement, vehicle and facility management, safety, security and emergency management, and drug and alcohol program compliance.​

Manager and Supervisor Training ​

Eno Mid Manager Seminar
This course is tailored specifically for mid-level managers in public transportation agencies and companies that serve the transit industry. The program’s goals focus around expanding knowledge across all transportation modes, enhancing management skills, identifying leadership strengths, broadening peer support systems and knowledge of public transportation agencies, private sector partners, union leadership, and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).
APTA is offering a number of customized breakfast briefings, conference sessions, and skill-building workshops specifically targeted for mid-level managers. These events will be held in conjunction with APTA’s Annual Meeting, Bus & Paratransit Conference, and Rail Conference.
NTI Effective Supervision
As we face the complex challenges of today’s Transit environment, it becomes increasingly crucial that we examine our own behaviors as it relates to helping our organizations succeed. Supervisors must learn how to lead others rather than do the work themselves. In addition, they must earn trust and respect in order to motivate, and strike the right balance between delegation and control.
NTI Fundamentals of Supervision
The course is designed to provide transit supervisors with a better understanding of their role. Whether they are new to supervision, or are an experienced supervisor and are interested in broadening their skillset, participants will learn strategies for dealing with common challenges, and will acquire the skills necessary to avoid future problems​
NTI Mid Manager Seminar
This program is held in conjunction with APTA conferences. It provides a unique training and educational opportunity for the transit managers and supervisors who hold mid-level positions in transit organizations. This course offering will provide participants with skills necessary to lead, manage, and supervise from the middle of the organization.

Emerging Professional Resources

The American Public Transportation Association’s Emerging Leaders Program is a professional development program for individuals new to the public transportation industry. The intended audience for this program are individuals with 3-5 years of industry work experience, including 1-3 years of management, project, or program experience.

Future Leaders Development Conference

The Eno Future Leaders Development Conference is Eno’s flagship program for emerging transportation professionals. Graduate students in programs across the country are nominated to attend this DC conference that focuses on how national transportation policy is actually made and implemented.
The NTI Transit Academy is a program designed to provide new transit professionals with a comprehensive, in-depth view of the operations of a major transit system. The course includes lectures by experienced transit professionals, tours of transit facilities, as well as opportunities for hands-on experience and interviews.

University Transportation Centers (UTC) Graduate Student Education
Internationally recognized centers of excellence, fully integrated within institutions of higher learning, that serve as a vital source of leaders who are prepared to meet the nation’s need for safe, efficient, and environmentally sound movement of people and goods. The mission is to advance U.S. technology and expertise in the many disciplines comprising transportation through the mechanisms of education, research and technology transfer at university-based centers of excellence.

Frontline Training

For almost 15 years, APTA’s process for selecting reliable, safe, and customer-oriented bus operators has benefited transit systems nationwide. The Bus Operator Selection System (BOSS) was researched and developed with the firm of EB Jacobs, the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and APTA-member transit system CEOs and training directors. The end result – the most reliable source in operator selection today.
The Transportation Learning Center is a national organization based out of Silver Spring, Maryland. TLC works to research best practices for transit industries and has recently focused on developing trainings and curriculum in partnership with many transit agencies. TLC programs include transit coach and bus operator programs, as well as vehicle, signals, and elevator/escalator maintenance programs.

Youth and Student Programs

The APTA youth summit provides an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to explore careers within the public transit industry at APTA’s DC offices. Past programs have included networking opportunities with APTA staff, presentations by federal DOT officials, and a tour of the WMATA Bus and Rail Operations centers. Roughly fifty students from across the nation participate in each summit.
APTA’s National Public Transportation Career Day, a national workforce development initiative that introduces K-12 students to careers in public transit, takes place every year during Infrastructure Week. For the last 6 years, APTA’s Workforce Development Committee has encouraged our members to conduct outreach activities to showcase the wealth of career opportunities available in transit.
APTF provides scholarships ranging from $2,500-$5,000 for college students and professionals who want to study or work in transit. These scholarships can go to both undergraduate and graduate students alike. Applicants must be sponsored by an APTA organization.
In order to build the next generation of transit leaders, APTA encourages both faculty and students to attend the annual meetings. Student registration for APTA meetings is free, and these conferences offer professional development and networking opportunities for an eventual career in transit.

E-learning and Curriculum

Every year APTA and its partners, such as the TRB Education and Training Committee, and the National Network for the Transportation Workforce (NNTW), conduct a series of webinars to address some of the most pressing and important workforce needs within the industry. Areas of focus include leveraging technologies, knowledge management, talent cultivation, and the impact advanced technologies have on workforce demands and expectations.
The National Transit Curriculum is an introductory college level course, consisting of a set of modules designed by representatives of a number of transit agencies and universities. Each of these modules can be taught individually, but together they form a comprehensive curriculum that gives a valuable perspective on the transit industry. The curriculum is free of charge, and can be requested through the above link.
APTA’s first online training courses, Introduction to DC Track Circuits for Signal Maintainers and Introduction to AC Track Circuits for Signal Maintainers, were specifically developed for the rail industry, and are targeted for new signal maintainers as well as serving as a refresher for experienced signal maintainers.
The VCN is a resource for those seeking information on frontline transit industry jobs and related skills in operations, maintenance, facilities, and administration. The VCN also lets a job seeker find out where to go locally for related courses and training, as well as helps one access information about financial aid opportunities. Most importantly, the VCN helps identify many transit job openings in your area and across the country.

Other Resources and Conferences

APTA Annual Meeting
The APTA Annual Meeting provides a wealth of industry forums and breakout sessions led by recognized industry leaders that address key strategic needs and issues facing our industry.
APTA Bus & Paratransit Conference & International Roadeo and Rail Conference

The APTA Bus & Paratransit Conference & International Roadeo and Rail Conference provide our members with a range of technical workshops and world-class conference sessions.

APTA Legislative Conference

The APTA Legislative Conference convenes annually in Washington, DC. This is the premier annual event to hear from members of Congress and legislative leaders on key legislative issues that impact our industry.

APTA’s Passenger Rail Engineering Education Symposium (p-REES) is a three-day program for university faculty designed to foster interest in passenger rail. The symposium is designed to bring educators and industry professionals together to address the Workforce Development needs of the Transit and Rail Industry.​
APTA, working with our members, provides a host of professional development programs and events to focus on skill building needs.
  • Business Member Board of Governors
  • Bus Technical & Maintenance Workshop
  • Fare Collection Workshop
  • Legal Affairs Seminar
  • Marketing and Communications Workshop
  • Procurement and Materials Management Workshop
  • Risk Management Seminar
  • Sustainability and Public Transportation Workshop
  • Transit Board Members Seminar & Board Support Employee Development Workshop
  • Transit CEOs Seminar
  • Transitech
  • Transportation and University Communities Conference
  • Conferences of State Associations
The importance of public transportation’s future workforce was highlighted in APTA’s TransitVision 2050 report, approved in October 2008. It was a prime opportunity to review and address current and future workforce development in our industry.​​
Standa​rds have become an important program activity at APTA and in the public transportation industry as a whole. APTA, through its policy and planning committees, has played a major role in creating active working structures within organizations focused on the development of standards. Hundreds of industry volunteers serving on numerous working committees have developed standards for bus, rail, transit, commuter rail operations, maintenance, procurement and ITS. These consensus based standards are making a real difference to the management and operations of organizations. They are also now being used to achieve operational efficiencies and safety improvements in services, facilities, and vehicles.
APTA provides numerous opportunities for members to participate in both formal and informal safety and security sessions, along with a wealth of related resources.


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