Lean Program (Pierce Transit)

Listed under Manager and Supervisor Training.

Contact: Samantha Einarson

Manager in Training Program (Chicago Transit Authority)

Listed under Manager and Supervisor Training.


Ms. Geisha Ester, Director, Training and ProfessionalDevelopment

E-mail: gester@transitchicago.com

Management Development Program (Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority)

The Management Development Program is designed to introduce new professionals to the world of transit. Recent college graduates are offered a 25-month rotation through different departments of Greater Cleveland RTA. After their rotation, many of these graduates go on to work for GCRTA or other transit agencies around the country. 6 classes have passed through the program so far, with 4-5 students in each class. While there is always some difficulty in identifying who truly wants to work in the transit industry long-term, many of the program’s graduates have gone on to become staple employees of GCRTA and other agencies. The program also helps “de-silo” the agency by providing the employees who have gone through this training with a comprehensive perspective beyond the department where they happen to work.


Mr. George F. Fields, SPHR, Director, Training & EmployeeDevelopment

E-mail: gfields@gcrta.org

Mentorship Program (Orange County Transportation Authority)

OCTA offers an optional mentorship program for administrative employees who want more training than would be provided over the course of their jobs. Newer employees are paired with more experienced employees who volunteer to serve as mentors. These pairs meet individually at least every month over​ the course of a year, as well as working through structured activities and lessons together. At the end of the year, there is a “graduation” ceremony for the cohort of mentees. So far the program has been run for 6 years, with 30 mentor-mentee pairs in the most recent cohort. So far, the program has not been expanded to bargaining-unit employees in a sustainable way becausee it was considered preferential treatment; however, OCTA is looking to find an equitable way to expand it in the future.


Ms. Julie A. Espy, Manager, Learning & Development

E-mail: jespy@octa.net​

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