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Larger Transit Agencies (more than 2 million boardings per year)

San Juan: Metropolitan Bus Auth. | PR Dept. Transp. & Public Works | PR Highway & Transp. Auth.

All Transit Agencies & Local Links, by City

If city of organization you are looking for is unknown, search by clicking “edit”, then “find on(in) this page”.

Note: some cities may also be served by transit agencies in adjoining cities.

San Juan


MBA (Metropolitan Bus Authority) (in Spanish)


ATI (Alternativa de Transporte Integrado)

Municipality of San Juan

PRDTOP (Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works) (in Spanish)

PRHTA (Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority)

PRPA (Puerto Rico Ports Authority)

Tren Urbano Industry Outreach

Rail (listed by area)

San Juan ATI (Alternativa de Transporte Integrado)

Ferry (listed by area)

San Juan PRPA (Puerto Rico Ports Authority)

Commonwealthwide, Intercity, & Regional

Commonwealthwide PRDTOP (Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works)(in Spanish)
Intercity None
Regional None
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