This webinar was held on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.


Advancements in automated fare collection, mobile ticketing, advertising, IT outsourcing, smart vehicles, and other technologies are creating new and exciting opportunities for agencies and vendors to collect and use data. When collected and used properly, data can strengthen customer experience, improve operations, and even generate revenue. Mishandling collected data, however, can have significant consequences.

This webinar provides an overview of various uses for collected data, key risks associated with the data, and practical advice on collecting data in a manner that minimizes risks to your organization, including loss and exposure to customers, employees, and regulators


Maximillian Bodoin, Partner, Holland & Knight LLP

Max Bodoin is a partner in Holland & Knight’s Intellectual Property Group, a member of the Cybersecurity and Privacy Team, and the Chair of Holland & Knight’s Transit Team. Mr. Bodoin’s transportation procurement experience includes IT outsourcing, automated fare collection systems, mobile ticketing and payment initiatives, advertising, software development and licensing, and other related areas. Mr. Bodoin has significant cybersecurity experience advising clients on best practices in information security and data privacy, including implementing related programs, policies, and procedures, responding to data breaches, handling regulatory investigations, and securing data rights. Most recently, Mr. Bodoin represented the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority in connection with its procurement of a new fare payment system and the MTA’s procurement of an Advertising Concessionaire, both of which involved extensive information security and data privacy issues

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