Recommended Practice

Designing Bus Rapid Transit Running Ways


This Recommended Practice provides guidance on the design of running ways for bus rapid transit services. Included is a review of different types of running ways and design guidelines related to busways on separate rights-of-way, separate busways or HOV lanes within freeways, or exclusive bus lanes or transitways on arterial streets. Also included is guidance on BRT facility geometry, cross-section dimensions, drainage and other engineering considerations, and pavement design.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA BTS-BRT-RP-003-10 10/1/2010 Published Current


 bus rapid transit (BRT), busway, geometry, queue bypass lane, queue jump, running way, shyway


BRT is a suite of elements that create a high-quality rapid transit experience using rubber-tired vehicles. This experience often includes a high degree of performance (especially speed and reliability), ease of use, careful attention to aesthetics and comprehensive planning that includes associated land uses. BRT
seeks to meet or exceed these characteristics through the careful application of selected elements.

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