Recommended Practice

Training Syllabus to Instruct/Prepare for the ASE Transit Bus Air Brake Systems Test


This Recommended Practice provides guidelines for establishing a standardized bus maintenance training program related to the ASE certification syllabus for transit bus and coach air brake systems.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA BTS-BMT-RP-003-10 Rev. 1 10/06/2016 Published Current


ABS, air brakes, air disc brakes, air tanks, anti-lock brakes, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) H4, ATC, foundation brakes, friction coefficient, relay valves, S-cam, slack adjuster, transit, wedge brakes, wheel bearing, wheel component


This Recommended Practice provides transit bus maintenance training and transit bus maintenance departments with information to evaluate, develop or enhance current training programs for the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of transit bus brake systems. In addition, this document allows user departments to instruct/prepare transit bus technicians and mechanics for the H4 Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Transit Bus Brake Systems Test. Individual operating agencies should modify these guidelines to accommodate their specific equipment and mode of operation

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