Recommended Practice

Door System Periodic Inspection and Maintenance for Rail Transit Vehicles


This Recommended Practice provides guidance for performing periodic inspection and maintenance to door systems applied to rail transit vehicles. It provides a set of useful practices that can be selected and applied during the maintenance process.

Document History
Document Number Version Publication Date Publication Related Information
APTA RT-VIM-RP-005-02 Rev 1 10/30/2015 Published Current


brake performance, brakes, deceleration, bus brake, transit bus, stopping, PBBT


This Recommended Practice describes the basic inspection and maintenance requirements of automated and manual door systems found on rail transit vehicles. APTA recommends the use of this recommended practice by:

  • Individuals or organizations that inspect and maintain door systems on rail transit vehicles;
  • Individuals or organizations that contract with others for the maintenance of door systems on rail
    transit vehicles; and
  • Individuals or organizations that influence how door systems are maintained on rail transit vehicles.

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