This policy is intended to support full contribution of all board members. All board members receive a copy of this official policy. The policy is reviewed once a year and maintained in each member’s Board Manual.

a.This policy applies to all APTA Board members.

a.APTA Bylaws Article VII, Section E (“Board of Directors”)

A board member has an attendance problem if the member misses two of the total number of board meetings in a twelve-month period.

If a board attendance problem exists regarding a member, the Board Chair or Vice Chair will promptly contact the member to discuss the problem. The member’s response will be shared by the Chair or Vice Chair with the entire board at the next board meeting. At that meeting, the board will decide what actions to take regarding the board member’s future membership on the board. If the board terminates the board member’s membership on the board, termination will be conducted per this policy.

To terminate a board member’s membership on the board, the Board Chair or Vice Chair will call the member and notify him or her of the board’s decision to terminate the member’s membership on the board per this Board Attendance Policy. The Chair or Vice Chair will request a letter of resignation from the member to be received within ten (10) business days. The Chair or Vice Chair will also request the member to return their board manual back to APTA by dropping it off at a specified location within ten (10) business days. The board will vote regarding acceptance of the member’s resignation letter at the next board meeting.

Certification of Secretary/Treasurer

I hereby certify that the above “Board of Directors’ Attendance Policy” was adopted by the Board of Directors of APTA at a properly called meeting with an appropriate quorum present.

This 10 day of  June, 2017

Printed name: Kim Green

Signature: ______Signature on file______________


Acknowledgment of APTA Chair

This 10 day of  June,2017

Printed Name: Doran J. Barnes

Signature: _______Signature on file_____________

APTA Chair​

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