Fitness for Duty (FFD) Program Requirements


This document provides standards for the development and administration of a fitness for duty program requirements for rail transit system for individuals operating rail vehicles and other on-track equipment (OTE).

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APTA RT-OP-S-018-12 Rev. 1 01/04/2019 Published Current


fitness for duty, pre-employment physicals


Rail transit system operating employees are responsible for the safe movement of trains and the ability to safely complete related job tasks. Critical to the safe movement of the train and to working in the demanding conditions of operating a train or working around the train is employee FFD. Rail Transit Systems
establish FFD requirements for operating employees to ensure that employees are capable of operating vehicles,  as well as evacuating trains, working in the rail environment around trains, and conducting other activities that may require certain physical characteristics or abilities. FFD also encompasses a program of assurance that an operating employee is capable on any given day to competently and safely carry out the duties of the job with no physical conditions that would otherwise affect their ability to complete the work as required.

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