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 APTA Webcasts, Webinars & Online Training

APTA offers an array of online education opportunities.

Webcasts & Webinars

Webinars are offered throughout the year on topics relevant and vital to the public transportation industry, focusing specifically on today's transit needs.

Webinars offer transit agencies and business members alike the opportunity to take advantage of an invaluable educational resource from anywhere with an internet connection and telephone. Webinars are a terrific opportunity to offer cutting edge interactive training opportunities to one or 100 of your staff. We encourage all members to make APTA webinars part of your professional development program.

Board Support Staff Leadership Development

In today’s economy, the emphasis is on creating more value as a team member and as an organization. APTA is pleased to offer a leadership development program for its members who serve in roles that support boards of directors and commissions, to help develop public transportation agency board support teams into strong leaders for today and into the future. The webinar series and training program are sponsored by APTA’s Transit Board Members Board Support Subcommittee.

Business Member Webinars

  • Follow The Money (members only)

    This webinar from March 26, 2013, explores the differences between the budget, appropriations and authorization processes, anticipated timelines, the impact of sequestration and fiscal cliff debates and more. In addition, we look at how federal budget decisions trickle down to the state level, particularly in the MAP-21 implementation environment. Finally, we'll touch on Congressional debate over tax reform and efforts to increase federal revenue. To find out how all the current budget proposals (and their outcomes) may impact APTA business members and other public transportation supporters, watch this webinar.

  • APTA Legislative Conference 2013: What to Know Before You Go (members only)

    This webinar, which took place on February 20, 2013, prepares 2013 APTA Legsislative Conference Attendees for Capitol Hill meetings.  Learn how to best increase your ROI on your meetings -- and perhaps enjoy them more -- this “what to know before you go” webinar is for you. You will get the A-Z on Congressional meetings, including the logistics of Capitol Hill as well as how a quick five minutes of research can make all the difference in getting legislators and their staff to listen.  Additionally, learn how to take care of everything from conducting your meeting to preparing for follow-up (often the most important part!).  If you're curious about developing and delivering an effective message -- particularly in the somewhat challenging 113th Congress -- this is the session for you.

  • APTA Advocacy Throughout the Year (members only)

    This January 2013 webinar showed APTA business members how to develop an advocacy campaign plan for the year,  including specific steps to take in order to make a difference on policy issues at the state and federal level.  Also covered was coalition building and advocate training.
  • APTA: Election Update and Connecting with the New Congress (members only)

    This webinar recapped the November 2012 election day results and provided insight into what it means for transportation issues, as the 113th Congress begins.  Designed specifically for APTA Members, we take a look at how you can better interact with federal legislators and their staffs (and have an impact) in 2013.
  • Maximizing Your Investment in APTA: Lessons Learned by Small Business Members of APTA (members only)

    For APTA DBE and Small Business Members 

    This webinar was created to provide business members going to their first APTA conference with ideas on how to create a business strategy for the conference, tips about what to expect when they get there. It also provides information on the opportunities and resources that APTA provides to its members. The webinar is a project of the Business Member Small Business Committee.

Labor Management Relations Webinars

APTA’s Labor Relations Subcommittee will feature three webinar sessions during the course of the 2012 calendar year. These 60-minute sessions will address a broad range of transit labor management relations issues, challenges, and solutions. See below for details of a recent webinar session. 

Transit Board Members Webinar Series

This series of webinars is for board members and executives of APTA-member public transportation systems on the theme of an APTA strategic goal, economic sustainability and its four aspects: education, workforce development, financial/economic sustainability, and environmental sustainability..

Human Resources Committee Webinar Series

2014 Webinar Series (members only)

This webinar series provides insights into the resources, programs, best practices, and opportunities that support the various needs of those serving in frontline positions.

2015 Webinar Series (members only)​

This webinar series is set to begin in September 2015. The series will address a broad spectrum of workforce needs ranging from partnerships to safety. To learn more about the 2015 Webinar series​, click here.

2016 Webinar Series

This webinar series tackles some of the most pressing issues facing the future of the transportation industry. Diversity within the workforce, cultural change, and community engagement. Click here​ to learn more. 

Supervisory Skills Training for New Transit Operations and Maintenance Supervisors

This unique webinar series is designed to help new transit operations and maintenance supervisors learn about some fundamental core competencies and related skills important for their success.

Bus Maintenance Webinars

APTA’s Bus Technical Maintenance Committee and Clean Propulsion Committee will present quarterly webinars discussing the latest hot issues and topics related to Bus maintenance. 

Transportation Authorization Webinars

APTA’s Government Affairs department hosted congressional staff from key legislative committees for webinars that were held shortly after passage of the 2015 transportation authorization, the FAST Act, as well as the 2012 authorization, MAP-21.  The staff explained the details of the legislation they helped pass and answered questions from the industry. 


 Featured Webinars


Please note that several of our webinar series are only available to APTA members. Please log in to see links to those webinars.


 More Information


For more information, please contact Joseph Niegoski of APTA's Program Management & Educational Services department at (202) 496-4870 or

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