This section lists the latest in federal regulatory activity affecting the public transportation industry. You can view documents related to notices, comments, rules, and associated documents.

Recent Comments and Federal Register Publications

Here is a quick snapshot of the comments/notices/letters APTA is working on.

IRSPrevailing Wage and Apprenticeship Initial Guidance Under Section 45(b)(6)(B)(ii) and Other Substantially Similar Provisions; Notice of Initial Guidance1/30/202311/30/2022N/A
IRSRequest for Comments on Section 45W Credit for Qualified Commercial Clean Vehicles and Section 30C Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit12/3/202211/3/2022Completed Comments
HUDHUD is seeking approval from the Office of Management and Budget for an information collection11/18/20229/19/2022Under Development
IRSRequest for Comments on Elective Payment of Applicable Credits and Transfer of Certain Credits11/4/202210/5/2022Completed Comments
DOT/OSTNotice of Proposed Temporary Waiver of Buy America Requirements for the Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) Grants Program10/21/202210/6/2022N/A
FRATraining, Qualification, and Oversight for Safety-Related Railroad Employees12/3/20229/30/2022Completed Comments
FHWANotice of Proposed Waiver of Buy America Requirements for Electric Vehicle Chargers9/30/20228/31/2022Coalition Letter
FHWANational Performance Management Measures; Assessing Performance of the National Highway System, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measure10/13/20227/15/2022Completed Comments
DOTDrug and Alcohol Testing Electronic Signatures, Forms and Storage for Drug and Alcohol Testing Record10/5/20228/5/2022N/A
FRATrain Crew Size Safety Requirements12/21/20227/28/2022Under Development
DOTRequest for Information on Construction Materials Used in Federal Financial Assistance Projects For Transportation Infrastructure in the United States Under the Build America, Buy America Act8/18/20227/28/2022Completed Comments
DOTDisadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Modification Implementation10/31/20227/20/2022Completed Comments
FTANotice and Request for Comment Proposed Buy America Waiver [Mini-Vans]9/19/20227/19/22N/A
FTANational Transit Database Reporting Requirements for Safety and Security9/13/20227/15/2022N/A
FHWANPRM National Performance Management Measures; Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measure10/13/20227/15/2022N/A
FTADear Colleague Letter Regarding Real Estate and NEPAN/A7/11/2022N/A
FTADear Colleague Letter Intercity Bus Nationwide Allocation ModelN/A7/5/2022N/A
FTANational Transit Database Reporting Requirements9/7/20227/7/2022Comment
DOTRequest for Information Drug and Alcohol Testing Data7/30/20226/20/2022N/A
FRAGuidance on Development and Implementation of Railroad Capital Projects8/12/20226/28/2022Comments
FRANotice of Proposed Approach (Notice) to the Northeast Corridor Project Inventory and the Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Program for Northeast Corridor projects.7/25/20226/24/2022N/A
FHWAFHWA NPRM National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program8/22/20226/22/2022N/A
FTARequest for Information Bus Automation Research and Demonstration8/2/20226/1/2022Comments
FRANPRM on Safety Glazing Standards for Exterior Windows on Railroad Equipment6/17/20224/18/2022Comment
FTADear Colleague Letter Setting PTSAP DeadlinesN/AComment
OMBRequest for Information and Extension of Comment Period Applying BIL Requirements to Construction Materials6/6/20225/26/2022Comment
DOTMultimodal Project Discretionary Grant Opportunity Historically Disadvantaged Communities Mapping Tool5/23/20223/23/2022Comment
CMSComments on Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Non-Emergency Medical Transportation ProgramN/AN/AComment
DOTTemporary Waiver of Buy America for Construction Materials11/10/20225/20/2022Comment
DOLUpdating the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts Regulations5/17/20223/18/2022N/A
FRAProposed Approach (Notice) to the Northeast Corridor Project Inventory and the Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Program for Northeast Corridor projects4/18/20223/4/2022N/A
DOTProcedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs: Addition of Oral Fluid Specimen Testing for Drugs4/29/20222/28/2022Comment
FTACapital Investment FTA Capital Investment Grants (CIG) Program Initial Guidance Proposals4/15/20223/15/2022Comment
DOTNotice and Request for Comment Non-Traditional and Emerging Transportation Technology4/8/20223/9/2022N/A
DOEClean Hydrogen Manufacturing, Recycling and Electrolysis Request for Information3/29/20222/16/2022N/A
DOEHydrogen Hubs Implementation Strategy Request for Information3/21/20222/16/2022N/A
FTARecession: Equitable Economic Recovery and Workforce Development Through Construction Hiring Pilot Program2/10/20222/10/2022N/A
FTADear Colleague Letter Transit Management Update RequirementN/A2/9/2022N/A
FRARequest for Information Corridor Identification and Development Program3/9/20222/7/2022Comment
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