Investing in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient high-speed rail projects will create highly skilled jobs in the transportation industry, revitalize domestic industries supplying transportation products and services, reduce the nation’s dependency on foreign oil, mitigate congestion, and provide travel choices.

To learn more about high-speed passenger rail, read SPEEDLINES, APTA’s biannual newsletter on policy issues and trends; or you can watch videos from APTA’s High-Speed Rail Policy Forum that was held December 4, 2019.

Opening Session: Making the Connection Between High-Speed Rail and Economic Growth

How High Speed Rail Promotes Economic Growth Session

Connecting the Mega Regions and Corridors Session

Lunch with Featured Speakers

Why Business Needs Higher Performance Passenger Rail

Closing Session: Leading the HSR Transformation

Learn more about the facts surrounding High Speed Rail from the Midwest High-Speed Rail Association.

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