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Security and Emergency Management

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A number of different Security and Emergency Management programs, materials, and staff are available through APTA. These help ensure that transit agencies are successful in maintaining and improving the security of their employees, infrastructure and customers throughout their systems.

APTA offers a wide variety of services to the industry and emphasizes security and emergency management through Peer Reviews,  the Public Transportation Information Sharing & Analysis Center (PT-ISAC), the Public Transit Homeland Security Information Network (PT-HSIN) and Security Standards Program, along with our committees, collaboration and coordination with our Federal partners and stakeholders. APTA assists members by ensuring that best practices and industry standards are developed and shared, ultimately resulting in a safer and more secure environment.

Security Programs & Resources

Current Issues

  • Security technology​
    • ​Body cams
    • CCTVs
    • UAVs
    • Biometrics
    • Evaluation of new technology
  • ​​​Security intelligence information sharing 
  • Standards Development & Implementation
    • Infrastructure Security
    • Security Risk Management
    • Emergency Management
    • Cyber Security
      • OT & IT
      • Control & Communications Security
      • Enterprise Cybersecurity
  • Exploration of Emerging Issues
    • Persons who are Homeless
    • Human Trafficking Awareness
    • Personal Security Initiatives
  • Safety and Security Excellence Awards
    • Bus deadline (March)
    • Rail deadline (April)
  • Coordination with TSA to improve Public Transit Security
    • TSA Monthly Mass Transit Conference Calls
    • Transportation Sector Intelligence Information Sharing
    • TSA Security Initaives
  • Mass Transit / Rail Security & Emergency Management Roundtable
  • Cordination with FEMA regarding the Transit Security Grant Program​​



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