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APTA’s Mobility Platform


Governments at the federal, state, and local level must establish policies and provide funding that enable these goals.


Quality, fully accessible public transportation must be safe and available to every person, regardless of income, age, or ability.


The quality of public transportation is measured by positive user experiences of individual customers.


Public transportation is the centerpiece of an integrated and efficient public/private mobility network.


Data is critical to planning and providing quality public transportation services.


Public transportation agencies must continue to test and adopt new service models and technologies.

In today’s era of technological change, public transportation continues as the backbone for connecting and building thriving communities. There is no other way to move large numbers of people quickly, safely, affordably and with a minimum of environmental impact.

Download a PDF of APTA’s Mobility Platform and see how this platform could be used in your community.

Mobility innovation is changing the transportation industry

Becoming a
Mobility Agency

Transformation of the
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