Transit agencies are implementing microtransit solutions that improve the rider’s experience by operating small-scale, on-demand public transit services that that can offer fixed routes and schedules, as well as flexible routes and on-demand scheduling.

SacRT Microtransit Project

FEB 2018 – AUG 2018

The Sacramento, CA Regional Transit agency (SacRT) is launching a six-month microtransit pilot in its Citrus Heights suburb in February​. SacRT chose Citrus Heights for a six-month pilot program because the agency already has two local shuttles there that pick up passengers at their doorsteps. But those dial-a-ride buses currently require phone reservations a day in advance and have proven to be cumbersome to manage. They also don’t work for people used to instant service.

Working similar to Uber, microtransit buses will carry a handful of riders at a time. The driver will have an iPad on the dashboard showing the shortest route to get passengers to their individual destinations.

The microtransit service — to be operated by SacRT instead of through a public-private partnership — will cost the city about $25,000 for needed software. Again, SacRT’s 2018 budget already allows for the cost of two shuttle buses and drivers.

The pilot, which will enable riders to request specific pick-up and drop-off locations, is being put in place to improve existing “dial-a-ride” bus services. The the on-demand service can be requested via smartphones.

MaaS: A tool for Small Urban and Rural Communities


Presentation ​on how Tompkins County, NY Department of Social Services implemented Mobility as a Service (MaaS) into their transportation services.

Gwinnett County Microtransit Pilot

SEPT 2018 – OCT 2018

​The Microtransit pilot is part of a plan for how the County would like to develop its transit networks to serve current and future needs. The plan aims to establish a countywide vision with broad-based support for future dedicated transit funding/implementation as well as to make transit a mode of choice for work and leisure trips.​ Read more about the pilot project.

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