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This is a service option available to members of the Safety Audit Programs and to other members, which enables a transit system’s general manager to request a team of transit operating industry professionals to perform a review of specific operating, security or safety problems or conditions with the intent to make corrective action recommendations. Such peer reviews usually take approximately 3-5 days to perform, and all direct costs associated with a review are borne by the requesting transit system; these include lodging, travel, meals, and other per diem expenses for each member of the panel. This does not include salaries, however, as each transit system “volunteers” their representatives who would serve on the panel, and agrees to “absorb” that person’s salary while he/she participates.

APTA provides direction and staff support to the panel during and immediately following the on-site review and also edits, with direction from panel chairperson and input from the entire panel, the final report which would then be sent to the transit system.

Usually, a minimum of 3 to 6 months notice is required of a transit system considering having a peer review, but under extraordinary circumstances, lesser notice may be acceptable.





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