Short-term bike rentals from docking stations placed throughout a community.


Short-term car rentals that may involve returning to a select location or left “free floating.” Zipcar, Car2Go, and Maven are examples of carsharing companies.

Dockless Bikesharing

Bikesharing that does not require docking at a station. Bikes are unlocked and paid for through
mobile devices.

First and Last Mile

The distance between a traveler’s origin/destination and a transit station/stop.

Fixed-Route Space

Traditional public transit service operating along a prescribed route and schedule.


Smaller, flexible transportation services that generate routes dynamically based on demand.

Mobility Manager

An agency that has control over a diverse portfolio of transportation services, rather than just traditional transit service.


Point-to-point services without a set route typically used by older and disabled travelers unable to use fixed-route transportation.

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