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 Skill Development and Training Needs Report

APTA Skill Development and Training Needs Report

In 2009, APTA conducted a survey of its members to learn more about the need for workforce skill-building in the public transportation industry. The Preliminary Skill Development and Training Needs Survey collected data on members’ work experience, training and skill needs, as well as their expectations of APTA's role in addressing overall workforce needs.

The accompanying report, published in July 2010, will give APTA, its member organizations, and the industry useful data to better plan, identify and address workforce development needs and provide a preliminary benchmark for short-term and long-term planning as we work together to solve the critical workforce development needs of the public transportation industry. 

Conclusions of the Report

The major findings from the survey concluded that:

  • Worker retirements are a priority industry concern. The industry has an experienced but aging workforce, with a significant amount of expected retirements over the next 10 years.
  • Skill gaps exist throughout all management and supervisory levels in the industry. The survey showed that supervisory and leadership training are a top priority for transit agency and business members of APTA.
  • Professional certifications are an important tool in the transit industry. Over one-third of those who responded to the survey have earned a professional certification, and two-thirds are interested in professional certifications. 
  • Transit agency and business members want APTA to be focused on workforce development. Members are also looking to APTA to help address skill gap needs by determining common workforce needs and identifying funding opportunities for training.  
  • Future studies, surveys and data analysis are needed to help determine workforce development solutions for the industry.

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