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 APTA Published Standards

APTA Standards Development Program: Lead the WayWelcome to the APTA Standards Program Published Document Library

Standards have become an important program activity at APTA and in the public transportation industry.  APTA, through its policy and planning committees, has played a major role in creating active working structures within the organization focused on the development of standards.  Hundreds of industry volunteers serving on numerous working committees have developed standards for bus, rail transit and commuter rail operations, maintenance, procurement and ITS. These consensus based standards are making a real difference to the management and operations of these organizations. These standards are now being used to achieve operational efficiencies and safety improvements in services, facilities and vehicles.

To join a working group, participate in the consensus process, or to find more information about the APTA Standards Program, send us an email at

All of our standards are free to download and can be browsed by program below.

Download the 2013 APTA Standards Program Compendium (pdf).



Types of Documents Published By Standards

Standards : A generally accepted practice, method, or prescribed manner by which something is achieved by authority as a rule, measure of quality, or value

Recommended Practices: An established or usual way of doing something usually based on repeated actions or widely established processes

Guidelines: General options on how to accomplish the task at hand

White Papers: Document that only gives information, no action described.


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