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American Public Transportation Association

 APTA Workforce Development Programs, Projects and Webinars

Industry Development 

Leadership APTA is the American Public Transportation Associations (APTA) premiere professional development program designed to develop and support the next generation of APTA leaders and the public transportation industry. The Leadership APTA Committee selects 25 individuals from among APTA member applicants to participate in a year-long program that includes skill-building workshops, conferences, executive roundtables, class leadership projects, teleconferences, online meetings, and web-based events.
APTA is offering a number of customized breakfast briefings, conference sessions, and skill-building workshops specifically targeted for mid-level managers. These events will be held in conjunction with APTA’s Annual Meeting, Bus & Paratransit Conference, and Rail Conference.
The American Public Transportation Association’s Emerging Leaders Program is a professional development program for individuals new to the public transportation industry.  The intended audience for this program are individuals with 3-5 years of industry work experience, including 1-3 years of management, project, or program experience.
Webinars are offered throughout the year on topics relevant and vital to the public transportation industry, focusing specifically on today's transit needs.
The TVCN is a resource for those seeking information on frontline transit industry jobs and related skills in operations, maintenance, facilities and administration. This site also lets a job seeker find out where to go locally for related courses and training as well as helps one access information about financial aid opportunities. Most importantly, the TVCN helps identify many transit job openings in your area and across the country.
The importance of public transportation’s future workforce was highlighted in APTA's TransitVision 2050 report, approved in October 2008. It was a prime opportunity to review and address current and future workforce development in our industry.​​
Higher Education

Youth Programs

APTA Annual M​eeting & Larger Conferences

  • The APTA Annual Meeting provides a wealth of industry forums and breakout sessions led by recognized industry leaders that address key strategic needs and issues facing our industry.
  • The APTA Bus & Paratransit Conference & International Roadeo and Rail Conference provide our members with a range of technical workshops held in conjunction with these events in addition to world-class conference sessions.
  • The APTA Legislative Conference convenes annually in Washington, DC. This is the premier annual event to hear from members of Congress and legislative leaders on key legislative issues that impact our industry.
Please visit our Conferences page for additional information.

APTA Specialized Workshops, Seminars, and Programs

APTA, working with our members, provides a host of professional development programs and events to focus on skill building needs.
  • Business Member Board of Governors
  • Bus Technical & Maintenance Workshop
  • Fare Collection Workshop
  • Legal Affairs Seminar
  • Marketing and Communications Workshop
  • Procurement and Materials Management Workshop
  • Risk Management Seminar
  • Sustainability and Public Transportation Workshop
  • Transit Board Members Seminar & Board Support Employee Development Workshop
  • Transit CEOs Seminar
  • Transitech
  • Transportation and University Communities Conference
  • Conferences of State Associations

Please visit our Conferences page for additional information.

Standards Development

Standards have become an important program activity at APTA and in the public transportation industry. APTA, through its policy and planning committees, has played a major role in creating active working structures within the organization focused on the development of standards. Hundreds of industry volunteers serving on numerous working committees have developed standards for bus, rail transit and commuter rail operations, maintenance, procurement and ITS. These consensus based standards are making a real difference to the management and operations of these organizations. These standards are now being used to achieve operational efficiencies and safety improvements in services, facilities, and vehicles. Please visit the APTA Standards site for more information.

Security/Safety Training

APTA provides numerous opportunities for members to participate in both formal and informal safety and security sessions, along with a wealth of related resources. Please visit the below sites for addtional information:

Online Rail Training Courses

APTA's first online training courses, Introduction to DC Track Circuits for Signal Maintainers and Introduction to AC Track Circuits for Signal Maintainers, were specifically developed for the rail industry and are targeted for new signal maintainers as well as serving as a refresher for experienced signal maintainers. Please visit the Online Rail Training Course page for more information.

 Professional and Leadership Development Programs


​ Board Member Training
       APTA Transit Board Member Seminar​​

CEO Programs​

Senior Leadership Courses and Programs
       Leadership APTA

Mid Manager Courses and Programs

Supervisory Training
       APTA Webinars

Emerging Professionals

Industry Knowledge

Frontline Workforce

Youth and Student Programs
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