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 Workforce Development Partners - National and Regional Professional Development Programs

Purpose and Overview

The purpose of this online web site is to serve as a guide for various transit audiences to help them build a basic understanding of the range of professional career development programs, events, and opportunities that encourage workforce development in the public transportation industry. The listed resources range from early career professional development programs to board member seminars and executive education. 

The National View:

This online resource informs you about national training opportunities available across the career span of transportation professionals. You will find a sample of the national courses that are available to develop transportation professionals – from early career professional development programs to mid-managers to executive education or board member seminars.

The Local or Regional View:

This site also provides a platform to collect the spectrum of professional development programs that are offered by transportation agencies and business members. The valuable local and regional programs offered by APTA members, when captured on this site, can help serve the industry-wide commitment to developing the transportation workforce. Please join this APTA effort and provide information on the professional development programs that your organization provides.

Board Member Training

National Programs

  • Professional development sessions focus on public transportation board members’ policy and governance roles as well as the support functions. Educational sessions are offered in areas such as the board’s fiduciary responsibility, planning, succession and work with the chief executive, ethics, legislative advocacy, community partnerships, open records, and more.

CEO Programs

National Programs

  • This executive leadership forum on emerging trends and best practices focuses on public transportation policy, new business models, security, labor relations, funding, finance, and more.
  • The conference includes over 30 specialized educational sessions, technical training workshops, interactive presentations, special events, tours, and also a bus display and exhibitor showcase featuring the latest bus and paratransit vehicles, products, and services.
  • Workshops and technical sessions cover timely issues of widespread interest in operations, technology, safety, security, planning, finance, capital projects, and the technical aspects of providing all modes of rail service: urban, commuter, high-speed, and intercity.


Senior Leadership Courses & Programs

National Programs

  • The Eno Transit Executive Seminar is an intensive week-long course held in Washington, DC. The course curriculum consists of individual coaching, leadership assessments and classroom instruction from veteran transit leaders from across the industry. In addition, participants also focus on building individual interpersonal skills in small group settings. It is tailored specifically for senior-level managers who report to their General Manager or CEO in public transportation agencies and in companies that serve the transit industry.
  • Leadership APTA is the American Public Transportation Associations (APTA) premiere professional development program designed to develop and support the next generation of APTA leaders and the public transportation industry. The Leadership APTA Committee selects 25 individuals from among APTA member applicants to participate in a year-long program that includes skill-building workshops, conferences, executive roundtables, class leadership projects, teleconferences, online meetings, and web-based events.
  • This program is held in conjunction with conferences. It provides a unique training and educational opportunity for the transit managers and supervisors who hold mid-level positions in transit organizations. This course offering will provide participants with skills necessary to lead, manage, and supervise from the middle of the organization.
  • Principles of Transit Management is an intensive three-day course developed by SURTC that covers virtually all aspects of transit and paratransit management for operators of tribal transit programs across the country.  This course is broken into individual modules which cover: human resource management; financial management; administration; operations and service design; procurement; vehicle and facility management; safety, security and emergency management; and drug and alcohol program compliance.

Mid Manager Courses & Programs

National Programs

  • This course is tailored specifically for mid-level managers in public transportation agencies and companies that serve the transit industry. The program's goals are to: expand knowledge across all transportation modes; enhance management skills to manage in complex times; identify leadership strengths and broaden one's peer support systems; broaden knowldege of public transportation agencies, private sector partners, union leadership, and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).
  • APTA is offering a number of customized breakfast briefings, conference sessions, and skill-building workshops specifically targeted for mid-level managers. These events will be held in conjunction with APTA’s Annual Meeting, Bus & Paratransit Conference, and Rail Conference.
  • This program is held in conjunction with APTA conferences. It provides a unique training and educational opportunity for the transit managers and supervisors who hold mid-level positions in transit organizations. This course offering will provide participants with skills necessary to lead, manage, and supervise from the middle of the organization.

Regional & Local Programs

  • Denver RTD/LACMTA/DART Consortium
    Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Denver’s Regional Transit District, and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit recently created MAXX, a cooperative, year-long, inter-agency program to develop their mid-level managers. These three agencies worked together on the curricula and program to help their newer, mid-level managers build their management skills. This cooperative program included inter-agency visits which helped the mid-level managers understand how similarly sized organizations address their projects and challenges. This program also helped these managers build a strong peer network. 
  • Local Transit Systems Training / Community Colleges / Universities
    If you have a program that should be listed here, please contact Brandon Roccio at for further details.

Supervisory Training

National Programs

  • As we face the complex challenges of today's Transit environment, it becomes increasingly crucial that we examine our own behaviors as it relates to helping our organizations succeed. Supervisors must learn how to lead others rather than do the work themselves. In addition, they must earn trust and respect, in order to motivate, and strike the right balance between delegation and control.
  • The course is designed to provide transit supervisors with a better understanding of their role whether they are new to supervision or have been a supervisor for a while and are interested in brushing up on their skills. Participants will learn strategies for dealing with common challenges, and will acquire the skills necessary to avoid future problems
  • Webinars are offered throughout the year on topics relevant and vital to the public transportation industry, focusing specifically on today's transit needs. Webinars offer transit agencies and business members alike the opportunity to take advantage of an invaluable educational resource from anywhere with an internet connection and telephone. Webinars are a terrific opportunity to offer cutting edge interactive training opportunities to one or 100 of your staff.

Regional & Local Programs

  • Local Transit Systems Training
    If you have a program that should be listed here, please contact Brandon Roccio at for further details.

Emerging Professionals

National Programs

  • The Eno Leadership Development Conference is Eno’s flagship program for emerging transportation professionals. Since 1992, more than 200 “Eno Fellows” have gathers in Washington, DC, for a rigorous introduction to transportation policy
  • The Public Lands Transportation Scholar Program selects recent master and doctoral graduates in transportation-related disciplines to work on projects on America’s public lands that involve Transit/Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Engineering/Planning and other transportation-related tasks.
  • Internationally recognized centers of excellence, fully integrated within institutions of higher learning, that serve as a vital source of leaders who are prepared to meet the nation’s need for safe, efficient and environmentally sound movement of people and goods. The mission is to advance U.S. technology and expertise in the many disciplines comprising transportation through the mechanisms of education, research and technology transfer at university-based centers of excellence.
  • The National Transit Curriculum Committee is developing a semester-long public transit course that can be used at universities nationwide. The committee—which is made up of representatives from universities, transit agencies, federal government, national associations, and consultants—is lead by Small Urban & Rural Transit Center Director of the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University Dr. Jill Hough and Paul Larrousse, Director of the National Transit Institute at Rutgers University.


Regional & Local Programs

  • UMass Transit is teaming up with the College of Engineering's Transportation Center and Hartford-based CTTRANSIT to offer a first-of-its-kind certificate in transit management and operations.
  • Local Transit Systems Training
    If you have a program that should be listed here, please contact Brandon Roccio at for further details.

Other Transit Training

We encourage APTA members to review the range of training and professional development opportunities provided by some of our industry partners and colleagues. Below is a sampling of APTA partners who provide a range of training and professional development programs:


 Professional and Leadership Development Programs


 Board Member Training

CEO Programs​

Senior Leadership Courses and Programs
       Leadership APTA

Mid Manager Courses and Programs

Supervisory Training
       APTA Webinars

Emerging Professionals

Industry Knowledge

Frontline Workforce

Youth and Student Programs

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