Paul P. Skoutelas

President and CEO

Paul P. Skoutelas is president and chief executive officer of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). His entire career has been in public transportation, serving in both the public and private sectors.

Skoutelas is a champion for the power of public transportation to create personal and economic opportunities for all and to connect and build thriving communities.  He testifies often before Congress and is a frequent speaker on public transportation issues as APTA leads the industry’s transformation in the new mobility era.

Prior to joining APTA in 2018, Skoutelas served as senior vice president for WSP USA, one of the world’s largest architectural and engineering firms and national director of WSP USA’s Transit & Rail Technical Excellence Center. He also was chief executive officer at the Port Authority of Allegheny County (PAT), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX), Orlando, Florida.

Skoutelas serves on numerous boards and committees, including the Transportation Research Board, Mineta Transportation Institute, ENO Center for Transportation, Transportation Learning Center and the Alliance to Save Energy’s 50×50 Commission on U.S. Transportation Sector Efficiency.  He is a member of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Executive Advisory Board on Smart Mobility and Carnegie Mellon University’s Mobility 21 Advisory Council.

He is also a long-time member of WTS International and the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO).

Skoutelas received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Pittsburgh. He is a licensed professional engineer.

Skoutelas and his wife, Denise, are residents of Washington DC, and he commutes to work on Washington’s Metro system and the DC Circulator.

APTA Chair

Michele Wong Krause
Past Chair
Dallas Area Rapid Transit Board of Directors, 2021-2023
Dallas, TX

Vice Chair

MJ Maynard
Chief Executive Officer
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas, NV


Jeffrey Wharton
Director, Contracts and Technical Services
Goldsboro, NC

Immediate Past Chair

Dorval R. Carter, Jr.
Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago, IL

Executive Committee

Jose R. Bustamante
Vice President, T&I National Business Development
STV Incorporated
Washington, DC

At-Large Member

Francis “Buddy” Coleman
Chief Customer Officer
Clever Devices Ltd.
Woodbury, NY

At-Large Business Member

Jim Derwinski
CEO/Executive Director
Chicago, IL

Commuter Rail CEOs Committee Representative

Charles DiMaggio
Greystone Management Solutions
New York, NY

Business Member Board of Governors Representative

Dawn Distler
Chief Executive Officer
METRO Regional Transit Authority
Akron, OH

Mid-Size Operations Committee Representative

Denise Figueroa
Board Member
Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA)
Albany, NY

At-Large Transit Board Member

Sharon Fleming
Calgary Transit
Calgary, AB Canada

Canadian Members Representative

Gary S. Giovanetti
Board Chair
San Joquin Regional Transit District
Stockton, CA

At-Large Transit Board Member

Carolyn Gonot
CEO and General Manager
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
San Jose, CA

Rail Transit CEOs Committee Representative

Beth Holbrook
Member, Board of Trustees
Utah Transit Authority
Salt Lake City, UT

At-Large Member

Bacarra Mauldin
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Memphis Area Transit Authority
Memphis, TN

At-Large Member

Allan PollockAllan Pollock
General Manager/CEO
Salem-Keizer Transit
Salem, OR

Small Operations Committee Representative

Naomi Renek
Senior Advisor, Federal Policy
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
New York, NY

Top 10 Transit System Representative

Leslie S. Richards
General Manager/Chief Executive Officer
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
Philadelphia, PA

Legacy System Representative

Erin Rogers
CEO/General Manager
San Bernardino, CA

Bus & Paratransit CEOs Committee Representative

Rita A. Scott
Board Chair
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Atlanta, GA

At-Large Transit Board Member

Kimberly Slaughter
Chief Executive Officer
New York, NY

At-Large Business Member

Doug Tisdale
District H Director
Regional Transportation District
Denver, CO

Transit Board Members Committee Representative

Matthew O. Tucker
Global Transit Market Sector Director
San Diego, CA

Legislative Committee Representative

Jannet Walker-Ford
Senior Vice President & National Transit &
Rail Business Line Leader
New York, NY

Top 10 Business Member Representative

Eve Williams
President/Chief Executive Officer
Dikita Engineering
Dallas, TX

At-Large Business Member

2023-2024 Board of Directors

  • Michael A. Allegra
  • Richard Ament
  • Holly Arnold
  • Jameson T. Auten
  • Debra Avila
  • Glen Becerra
  • Christopher Boylan
  • Chris Brady
  • Louis J. Brown, Jr.
  • Jose Bustamante
  • Carrie Butler
  • Bill Carpenter
  • Dorval R. Carter, Jr.
  • Randy Clarke
  • Eulois Cleckley
  • Alexander Clifford
  • Francis “Buddy” Coleman
  • Kevin Corbett
  • Natalie E. Cornell
  • LaShanda Dawkins
  • Julie D’Orazio
  • Jennifer DeBruhl
  • Clarelle DeGraffe
  • Jim Derwinski
  • Samuel Desue
  • Dawn Distler
  • Crissy Ditmore
  • Shawn Donaghy
  • Inez Evans
  • Katrina Faulkner
  • William Fay, Jr.
  • Denise Figueroa
  • John C. Fink, III
  • Gerald Francis
  • Jeffrey Gonneville
  • Carolyn Gonot
  • Beverly Greene
  • Semia Hackett
  • Veronique Hakim
  • Michael Heidkamp
  • Kammy Horne
  • Krish Inbarajan
  • Debra A. Johnson
  • Arezou Jolly
  • Katharine Kelleman
  • Christian Kent
  • Susannah Kerr
  • Julie Kirschbaum
  • Michele Wong Krause
  • Christos Kritsidimas
  • Karen Landers
  • James P. LaRusch
  • Adelee Le Grand
  • Richard Leary
  • Nadine Lee
  • Henry Li
  • Sally Librera
  • Jack Martinson
  • Laura Mason
  • Bacarra Mauldin
  • M.J. Maynard
  • Heather McKillop
  • Jennifer McNeill
  • Raymond Melleady
  • Brad Miller
  • J. Roger Morton
  • Jeffrey A. Nelson
  • Raquel Olivier
  • Marie Parker
  • Karen Philbrick
  • Gemma Piemontese
  • Allan Pollock
  • Robert Powers
  • Kevin B. Quinn, Jr.
  • Leanne P. Redden
  • Naomi Renek
  • Leslie Richards
  • Scott A. Sauer
  • Rita A. Scott
  • Amy Shatzkin
  • Kelli Shields
  • Lauren Skiver
  • Kimberly Slaughter
  • Ted Smith
  • Manjit Sooch
  • Robin Stimson
  • Troi Taylor
  • Doug Tisdale
  • Evelynn Tran
  • Peter Varga
  • Thomas R. Waldron
  • Jannet Walker-Ford
  • Jeffrey Wharton
  • Julie A. White
  • Kimberley Williams
  • Michael Wojnar

Honorary Board Members

Past Chairs and Past Presidents of the American Public Transportation Association, American Transit Association, and the Institute for Rapid Transit.

  • Joseph Alexander
  • Doran J. Barnes
  • Ronald L. Barnes
  • John P. Bartosiewicz
  • Mattie P. Carter
  • Flora M. Castillo
  • Peter M. Cipolla
  • Shirley A. DeLibero
  • Rod Diridon, Sr.
  • George F. Dixon, III
  • Nuria I. Fernandez
  • Bernard J. Ford
  • Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr.
  • James H. Graebner
  • Laurence W. Jackson
  • Celia G. Kupersmith
  • Reba Malone
  • Valarie J. McCall
  • Jeffrey A. Nelson
  • Michael J. Scanlon
  • Beverly A. Scott
  • Howard Silver
  • Richmond J. Simonetta
  • David M. Stackrow, Sr.
  • Gary C. Thomas
  • Ronald J. Tober
  • Michael S. Townes
  • Peter Varga
  • Phillip A. Washington
  • Leslie R. White
  • Richard A. White
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