APTA has supported the transportation community through research, advocacy, and communications. In addition, a variety of other support services are needed for APTA to carry out its mission. We are strongly committed to diversity, recognizing that our success depends on bringing together partners with a wide range of perspectives, skills and experiences to find the most innovative, and cost effective solutions. Our current list of available Request for Proposals are below. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the point of contact listed.​​​​​​

APTA RFP: Roadeo Contractor

APTA is seeking a qualified contractor to organize and execute the International Bus Roadeo to be held April 26-30, 2024 in Portland, OR. This will be the first time the event will be held since 2019. We see this as an opportunity to streamline processes and increase results accuracy, which has been an issue in past years. In addition to finding a contractor to manage the process, we are also hoping to identify a new scoring system to eliminate scoring errors.

Contact: DeeNaye Williams, Program Manager – Technical Services and Innovation, APTA

RFI for Transit Equity Report

APTA is seeking a qualified contractor to research and draft a “Transit Equity Report”, which would provide an overview of the equity-focused practices and processes being put in place by the transit industry in transit planning, service, and operations. This report would be updated on a regular basis as a resource for APTA members and partners. Updates would include the equity metrics agencies can use to assess their “equity” performance and impact.

Contact: Linda Ford, General Counsel, APTA

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