On Thursday, June 11, APTA Chair Nuria Fernandez and President and CEO Paul Skoutelas sent a letter to House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chair Peter DeFazio and Ranking Member Sam Graves expressing APTA’s strong support of H.R. 7095, the “INVEST in America Act”, which makes critical investments for surface transportation infrastructure, including $105 billion for public transportation and $60 billion for commuter rail, Amtrak, and other high-performance rail. The bill also addresses each of APTA’s Top Three Priorities and dozens of other Recommendations.

The bill recognizes the immediate need for public transit agencies to continue to provide essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic and support our nation’s economic recovery. It also provides a long-term vision to address the more than $100 billion state-of-good-repair backlog in public transit infrastructure and meet the mobility demands of growing communities, including small urban and rural communities.

Chair Fernandez presented the letter endorsing the bill to Chair DeFazio when he briefed the Board of Directors yesterday.

The T&I Committee is planning to mark up the bill on Wednesday, June 17, with potential House Floor consideration at the beginning of July. It is important to note that T&I Committee Republicans were not included in developing the legislation and are expected to oppose the bill.

Please click here to view the APTA letter.


We strongly urge your organization to send letters to
T&I Committee Chair DeFazio, Ranking Member Graves, and your Representative strongly supporting H.R. 7095, the INVEST in America Act.

Chair DeFazio is seeking all letters of support by Tuesday, June 16.

To send a letter to Chair DeFazio, please email Madeleine Pike*
at madeleine.pike@mail.house.gov

To send a letter to Ranking Member Graves, please email Abigail Camp*
at abigail.camp@mail.house.gov

*Please forward a copy of your letter to TaNeesha Johnson of the APTA Staff at tjohnson@apta.com

Knowledge is power. APTA’s Industry Footprint shows every public transit system, supplier, and manufacturer by Congressional District and State. Use this great resource during your next Congressional meeting and show your Member of Congress the importance of the public transportation industry in your regional economy.

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