Today (March 31) President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. released his infrastructure plan, The American Jobs Plan. The approximately $2 trillion proposal is an eight-year plan that encompasses sweeping investments in our nation’s surface transportation, water, and other infrastructure, making it the most significant federal infrastructure investment in generations. The plan includes $621 billion for transportation infrastructure and resilience. It will double public transit funding. Specifically, The American Jobs Plan includes:

  • $85 billion to modernize existing public transportation and for transit expansion;
  • $80 billion for passenger and freight rail service;
  • $174 billion for domestic investments in electric vehicle and battery manufacturing, including tax incentives and grants programs;
  • $20 billion for a new program that provides transportation accessibility for disadvatanged areas;
  • $50 billion in dedicated investments to improve infrastructure resiliency, including rail, roads and other transportation assets; and
  • $25 billion for a dedicated fund specifically for large projects that benefit regional or the national economy.

Please click here to view a Fact Sheet of The American Jobs Plan.

In addition, on April 1, the Biden-Harris Administration is expected to release the discretionary accounts of the President’s Budget. After it is released, the Budget will be viewable on the White House website here. Given that much of public transit funding is considered mandatory spending, it is unclear how much additional information the President’s Budget will provide regarding his surface transportation proposal.

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