Cummins TEC program transforms low-income youth into skilled workers with impressive graduation and employment rates.

Cummins TEC: Technical Education for Communities is the first strategic community program built by Cummins from the ground up. Launched in 2012, its mission is to train low income youth in employable technical skills and connect them to good jobs in their communities through school-based, industry-supported skills training.

Cummins’ TEC team developed curriculum, teacher training, guidance counseling manuals, achievement tests, equipment and tool lists, as well as methods for engaging local industry in curriculum and workplace learning opportunities for students.

Cummins TEC has launched 26 programs around the world. Overall, the program has achieved an 83 percent graduation rate with more than 5,000 graduates globally. 72 percent of graduates gained employment within six months.

Cummins TEC is built on a five-element education framework. The standardized education program includes resources, processes and tools to help schools identify and supplement gaps in their existing programs, ensuring a global approach and allowing the implementation of TEC at any site.

To create a talent pipeline of skilled technicians requires partnership, each Cummins TEC program is locally driven by a coalition of industry partners. An ideal coalition includes a school, relevant government entities, nonprofits and industry partners that share values, a commitment to communities and similar skills needs.

Cummins TEC seeks to partner with business, government and community organizations to increase access to good jobs and develop a stronger and growing employment base in communities across the globe. There are many ways for businesses to support Cummins TEC. Depending on a company’s capacity, engagement could involve full or partial partnership at one or many sites.

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