Northeastern University's partnership with The Routing Company provides co-op opportunities that could lead to full-time jobs, benefiting students, and employers.

The Routing Company is a global on-demand vehicle routing and management startup and the developer of the Pingo family of apps. It has 44 employees and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The co-operative model of education gives college students the opportunity to earn credit for both on-campus undergraduate coursework and extended, full-time professional experience with selected employers. Co-ops represent “a win-win-win” for students, employers, and universities, said Alex Bender, chief of staff at The Routing Company, which has had a co-op partnership with Northeastern University almost since TRC’s founding in 2018.

Read the article on page 16-17 of APTA’s How to Create Internships and Apprenticeships: Designing Programs That Develop the Workforce and Lead to Permanent Hire mini-guide.

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