Discover inspiring stories of Girl Scouts' journeys in diverse careers and STEM fields through the Classroom To Career program.

Classroom To Career launched with a small group of Girl Scouts who met with San Bernardino City Council members. The idea was simple: mentor local girls and inspire them to pursue professional careers. From there, the program has exponentially grown and served over 1,500 girls from Riverside and San Bernardino counties in California in just two short years!

The initiative focuses on girls from Title I schools and helps them become better prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century Workplace. Classroom To Career aligns with Linked Learning concepts that integrate vigorous academics with career-based learning and workplace experiences. It also aligns with the County of San Bernardino Cradle to Career roadmap by helping girls connect math and science proficiency to the careers they will ultimately be able to obtain. Every girl who participates is a registered Girl Scout or becomes one.

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