Learn about partnership opportunities with organizations like Lao Family Community Development in Oakland who is partnering with BART for district-wide internships.

Community-based organizations (CBOs) that work with specific populations can help transit organizations ensure that individuals from disadvantaged communities are aware of job opportunities and have access to them. For example, for its six-week district-wide internship program run by the Workforce Development Department, BART conducts outreach with a handful of community-based organizations serving youth, such as Lao Family Community Development in Oakland, California. These CBOs refer intern candidates to BART, serve as the employer of record, provide employment pre-screening, pay intern stipends, and provide wraparound services. To enhance the experience for interns, BART conducts interviews to understand the interns’ career interests and matches them to a work area within the agency Lao Family empowers and restores families and the community through an Integrated case management model. We are accredited through the CARF International Accreditation Framework.

Upon eligibility, assessment and admission-LFCD delivers confidential team focused integrated case management care (holistic-client centered integrated effort and communication) delivering tailored outcomes: permanent housing, exit homelessness, job placement, earned/public income, reduce recidivism, exit to self-sufficiency, positively contribute to society.)

LFCD earned an independent accreditation from the International Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF INTERNATIONAL) in the employment and community service category (to serve individuals with diverse disabilities).

CARF is the gold standard in non-profit employment and human service accreditation. Emphasize best practice and curriculum standards, fiscal and operational management, quality staffing and programming priorities that align with the goals of creating sustainable pathways to increase employment participation rates, income, benefits, savings, economic empowerment, better housing, educational advancement, skills acquisition, health outcomes, and engagement.

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