The Passenger Rail Engineering Education Symposium is a biennial event co-sponsored by AREMA and APTA’s Business Members Board of Governors.

Despite the severe workforce shortage in passenger rail, only a handful of postsecondary programs offer training specific to the many jobs available in this industry. p-REES aims to address that issue by educating four-year college and university professors who are positioned to create new passenger railroad engineering programs.

p-REES provides hands-on engineering information and curriculum materials, along with an abundance of discussion and networking opportunities, to about 25 to 35 professors at each event. Reaching professors, rather than individual students, is a key to the program’s success. The event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for educators to learn from leading transit engineering professionals.

The program is modeled after AREMA’s REES program, which is a similar symposium aimed at Class I freight railroad education. REES and p-REES are held on alternate years. To adapt the curriculum for passenger railroad, organizers spoke to industry professionals from many different disciplines, including mechanical and electrical engineers and experts in fluid mechanics, hydraulics, and welding.

Read the article on page 18 of APTA’s How to Build A Transit Curriculum guide.

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