Morgan State's TUIS, School of Engineering, provides programs to prepare students for leadership roles in transportation.

Transportation & Urban Infrastructure Studies (TUIS) department at Morgan State University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees designed to accelerate the production of diverse, well-trained transportation professionals who are skilled in the fields of transportation engineering and transportation systems, and exposed to the related fields of planning, management, and logistics.

The TUIS Department in the School of Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate programs in transportation. The Department evolved from the Center for Transportation Studies, established in 1981 to offer the M.S. degree in transportation. Since its inception, scores of young men and women have graduated from the transportation program to assume various leadership positions in the public and private sectors. The Department currently offers a B.S. in Transportation Systems, a B.S. in Transportation Systems Engineering, an M.S. in Urban Transportation, a Post Baccalaureate Certificate (PBC) in Urban Transportation, and a Ph.D. in Transportation and Urban Infrastructure Systems.

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