The recent pandemic adversely impacted the financial viability and competitiveness of the United States bus manufacturing market. Labor market tumult, hyperinflation in material and component prices, commodity shortages, hardships by many parts suppliers, and the significant increase in the cost of capital, have undermined the financial health of the bus Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Preserving, protecting, and nurturing a highly competitive US bus manufacturing market and the capacity to transition to zero-emission buses are essential. In October 2023, APTA created a Bus Manufacturing Task Force to recommend immediate actions that can support a more competitive and stable bus manufacturing capacity in the US.

The Task Force is led by former APTA Chair and President of the Chicago Transit Authority, Dorval R. Carter, Jr., along with the Task Force vice chair, Richard A. Davey, President, New York City Transit. Other appointed Task Force members represent a diverse constituency of the public transportation industry.

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