The American Public Transportation Association’s Safety & Health Commitments Program was established to protect riders and employees so that public transportation can continue to deliver safe, valuable services to everyone.  The program centers on shared commitments during the COVID-19 crisis – your transit agency doing their part and transit users doing theirs.  The Seal of Commitment you see displayed on transit vehicles, in stations, and at bus stops means your agency has pledged to institute policies and practices in four major areas:

  • Following Official Guidance
  • Protecting Each Other through smart practices and behaviors
  • Making Informed Choices based on timely information
  • Putting Health First

Transit agency commitments – and yours – can be found on our website, posters, and signs.  You’re counting on transit and we’re counting on you.  Because We’re All in This Together.

The American Public Transportation Association is the only independent, non-profit organization that represents all modes of public transportation in North America, as well as the businesses and research institutions that support transit.  With roots that date back to 1884, APTA is involved in every aspect of public transit – from the planning, design, and construction of transit systems, facilities, and vehicles to setting industry standards for safe and reliable operations and maintenance.

Public transportation does more than move people.  It promotes economic growth, a clean environment, and social equity.  It connects all of us to what we need … what we love … and what we aspire to achieve.  It’s the backbone of mobility on which freedom and progress are built.

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