Outcomes & Deliverables – Deliverable 1

Page 8, right column, third paragraph
“COVID-19 Resource Hub”

Outcomes & Deliverables – Deliverable 2

Page 12, left column, last paragraph
“COVID-19 Resource Hub”

Page 12, right column, last paragraph
“Health and Safety Commitments Toolkit”

Outcomes & Deliverables – Deliverable 3

Page 14, left column, first paragraph
“PowerPoint presentation”

Page 14, left column, fourth paragraph
“an Infographic”

Page 14, right column, second paragraph
“Mobility Framework for Urban Centers”

Page 15, left column, first paragraph
“Measures to Promote Safe Mobility”

Page 15, left column, second paragraph
“Measures to Improve Workforce and Rider Behaviors and Influence Messaging and Branding”

Page 15, left column, third paragraph
“Rapid Equity Assessment Tool”

Page 17, right column, “Webinars”
“Transforming the Post-Pandemic Landscape”
“Reinventing the Mobility Ecosystem of the Future with Public Transportation as Backbone”
“COVID-19 Response—Lessons Learned, Best Practices & Innovations”
“Cybersecurity—The Current Environment under COVID-19”
“Restoring and Re-imagining Transit Service in a Pandemic Transformed World”

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