APTA Mineta Transportation Institute Presentation (07.31.2023)

APTA Summary of Public Transit Programs and Funding (07.13.2023)

APTA Legislative Conference (03.12-14.2023)

APTA Executive Summary IIJA Build America Buy America Act (03.08.2023)

APTA Zero-Emission Bus Transition Plans (02.15.2022)

APTA CIG Project Pipeline Dashboard

White House
White House BIL Webpage

White House BIL Guidebook (05.2022)

White House BIL State Fact Sheets (02.2023)

White House Action Plan to Accelerate Infrastructure (10.2022)

Infrastructure Implementation Task Force Letter on BIL Implementation (01.04.2022)

Fact Sheet: Executive Order Establishing Priorities and Task Force for Implementation of the BIL (11.15.2021)

Executive Order 14502 on Implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) (11.15.2021)

U.S. Department of Transportation
U.S. DOT FY 2024 RAISE Grant Webinar Series

U.S. Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods Webinar Series

U.S. DOT Rural and Tribal Assistance Pilot Program Webinar Presentation (07.20.2023)

U.S. DOT Urban Electric Mobility Toolkit (06.28.2023)

U.S DOT Equity Action Plan Update Public Dialogue Webinar Presentation (06.23.2023)

U.S. DOT Equitable Transportation Community Explorer

U.S. DOT Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Webinar Series

U.S. DOT Justice40 Tool and Index Update Webinar Presentation (02.24.2023)

U.S. DOT Preparing for Upcoming DOT Discretionary Grant Opportunities Webinar Presentation (02.08.2023)

The U.S. National Blueprint For Transportation Decarbonization: A Joint Strategy to Transform Transportation Report (01.2023)

The U.S. National Blueprint For Transportation Decarbonization: A Joint Strategy to Transform Transportation Fact Sheet (01.2023)

U.S. DOT Thriving Communities Capacity Builder Program Overview for Prospective Technical Assistance Providers Webinar Presentation (10.19.2022)

U.S. DOT Thriving Communities Program Communities Program Overview for Prospective Technical Assistance Recipients Webinar Presentation (10.13.2022)

U.S. DOT Promising Practices for Meaningful Public Involvement in Transportation Decision-Making (10.13.2022)

U.S. DOT SMART Grant Webinar Presentation (09.29.2022)

U.S. DOT Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Grant Webinar Series (05.04.2022)

U.S. DOT RAISE Grant Presentation (02.16.2022)

U.S. DOT State-by-State Fact Sheets (11.18.2021)

U.S  DOT Build America Bureau Presentation (03.13.2022)

Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
FTA BIL Webpage

FTA Innovative Coordinated Access and Mobility Grant Webinar Presentation (12.14.2023)

FTA NPRM Public Transportation Safety Certification Training Program Webinar (11.08.2023)

FTA Rail Vehicle Replacement Competitive Program Grant Webinar Presentation (11.02.2023)

FTA Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development Planning Grant Webinar Presentation (08.17.2023)

FTA Tribal Transit Competitive Grant Webinar Presentation (04.20.2023)

FTA Low-No and Bus Competitive Grant Programs Webinar Presentation (02.2023)

FTA Waiver of Buy America Requirement for Construction Materials Webinar Recording (02.07.2023)

FTA Rail Vehicle Replacement Program Grant Informational Presentation (11.03.2022)

FTA Capital Investment Grants and Expedited Project Delivery Pilot Program Workshop Presentation (10.13.2022)

FTA ADAS and Automated Transit Bus Demonstration NOFO Webinar Recording (10.06.2022)

FTA All Stations Accessibility Program Webinar Presentation (08.11.2022)

FTA BIL Safety Initiatives Presentation (03.13.2022)

FTA PTASP Safety Requirements Webinar Recording (03.01.2022)

FTA Low-No Emission Grant Webinar Recording (03.17.2022)

FTA BIL Presentation (01.07.2022)

FTA BIL Webinar Recording (01.07.2022)

FTA Program Fact Sheets

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
FRA BIL Webpage

FRA Federal-State Partnership Northeast Corridor Intercity Passenger Rail NOFO Webinar Presentation (01.12.2023)

FRA Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Program NOFO Webinar Presentation (12.15.2022)

FRA Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) Grant Program Presentation (09.15.2022)

FRA Railroad Grade Crossing Elimination Grant Program Presentation (07.14.2022)

FRA Railroad Capital Project Guidance Presentation (07.14.2022)

FRA BIL Presentation (12.03.2021)

FRA Corridor Identification and Development Presentation (02.24.2022)

FRA Railroad Grade Crossing Elimination & Safety Improvements Presentation (03.16.2022)

FRA Program Fact Sheets

FRA BIL Safety Fact Sheet (03.2022)

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
FHWA BIL Webpage

FHWA BIL Presentation (11.2021)

FHWA Program Fact Sheets

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