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Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule

2021-10-28T11:17:10-04:00October 28, 2021|
Registration /
Sat, Nov 6 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Sun, Nov 7 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Mon, Nov 8 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM /
10:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Tue, Nov 9 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM /
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Wed, Nov 10 7:30 AM – 11:00 AM /
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Note: Complete up-to-date schedule information can be found on the mobile app.

Conference App2021-10-28T11:22:41-04:00

How do I download the conference app? The app can be downloaded by searching “APTA Meetings” in your device’s app store. It can also be downloaded by scanning the QR code found on signs throughout the venues.

I can’t get the Conference App to work, can you help? All staff should be familiar with the app and be able to assist members, however in a case where you are not able to, please have them visit the APTA Information Desk in Lobby C of the convention center, right by registration.

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WiFi Availability2021-10-28T11:38:05-04:00

Is there free WiFi at the Hyatt? Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in common areas, however not in meeting rooms.

Is there free WiFi at the Convention Center? Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in the common areas and lobbies of the convention center. Choose the network named “OCCC Free Wifi”. Free Wi-Fi is not available in meeting rooms, though individuals may purchase it for personal use for $12.95/day.

Why isn’t there free WiFi in meeting rooms? Providing Wi-Fi in the meeting rooms proved cost prohibitive. By not having this expense, we were able to keep registration at the same rate as in 2019.

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Mask Requirement2021-10-28T11:24:45-04:00

When do I have to wear a mask? Masks must be worn while indoors at APTA events when not eating or drinking. Speakers may remove their masks while speaking but will be required to remain at least 6’ from the audience and put the mask back on upon leaving the podium.

Why do I have to wear a mask if I have a negative test result? The CDC recommends all individuals over 2 years of age wear a mask indoors in public to “maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others.” We are following this guideline strictly for the health and safety of our participants.

Note: APTA staff should not feel compelled to enforce the mask requirement in a confrontational situation. If necessary, security staff will be available to assist.

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Negative Test/Vaccination Requirement2021-10-28T11:28:14-04:00

Will proof of vaccination or negative test be required for private events held “in conjunction with” the conference? This requirement pertains to all APTA-organized events including education sessions, EXPO, APTA receptions, committee meetings, the Security Roundtable, Leadership APTA, Transit Board Administrator events, etc. Requirements for private events organized by other organizations will be determined by that organization.

Where can I get tested during or after the conference in Orlando? A link to nearby locations can be found on the “Health & Safety” page of aptaexpo.com.

Note: if there are questions you cannot answer, please direct them to Marcus, who will be stationed at one of the verification zones.

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In Case of Emergency/Illness2021-10-28T11:29:05-04:00

In case of an emergency. From a house phone dial “0” for hotel or convention center operator who can radio dispatch security 24 hours a Day or from cell phone, dial 911. Then, alert Anitha, Lenay, or Christina IMMEDIATELY.

In case of illness. If an attendee or an employee of a vendor indicates they are not feeling well, they should be advised to leave the meeting space and seek a COVID-19 test at one of the nearby testing facilities found on the “Health & Safety” page of aptaexpo.com and should not re-enter the meeting space unless and until they receive a negative result. Staff should notify Marcus, Christina, Lenay, or Anitha if an attendee comes forward indicating they are not generally feeling well.

In case of positive COVID-19 Test. If an attendee or an employee of a vendor indicates they have tested positive for COVID-19, they will not be allowed within APTA event space. They will be encouraged to isolate themselves in their hotel room or home for a period of 14 days, after which they should administer another test and continue to isolate until they receive a negative COVID-19 test. The cost of hotel accommodations will be at the expense of the individual. Staff should notify Marcus, Christina, Lenay, or Anitha if an attendee reports they have tested positive for COVID-19. They will then alert the hotel they are staying in as well as the Orange County Convention Center who will notify the Florida Department of Health.

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General Questions2021-10-28T11:37:07-04:00

I lost my badge/left it in my room. What do I do? APTA attendees must have their badge to access the meeting area. If they lose their badge, they will need to show their CrowdPass verification again, then proceed to a staffed registration desk to print request a replacement badge.

Where do I find a shuttle schedule? The shuttle schedule is available on the app as well as on signs at each hotel and in the Convention Center.

Are there tours?  How do I sign up? LYNX will be holding a tour of its Electric Charging Station on Tuesday, November 9, 1:00 – 3:20 pm and 2:10 – 4:30 pm. Attendees can sign up at the LYNX counter in Lobby C, right by registration.

Can I get a list of EXPO attendees? A list of EXPO attendees will be sent to exhibiting companies after the list is audited post-show.

Can I bring my guest to the Welcome Reception? The welcome reception is a ticketed event. Guest registrations include a ticket to the reception. If a registration was not purchased for the guest, unfortunately they will not be able to attend. A limited number of registration tickets may be available for purchase at the registration desk. Proof of negative COVID-19 test or vaccination will be required for entry.

What non-APTA receptions/hospitality suites are open to all attendees? Most non-APTA receptions and hospitality suites are invite-only. APTA does not have those invitation lists.

Is there a business center to print documents? There is a business center located in Lobby C of the Convention Center. The Hyatt, Rosen Center and Hilton hotels also have business centers.

Where are the outside restaurants? The Visit Orlando staff located at the Convention Center Information counter located in Lobby C will be able to provide recommendations.

When are the 2022 Conference dates? The 2022 TRANSform Conference will take place in Seattle, WA, October 9-12. For other future events, please see the Future Events page on apta.com.

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