APTA Government Affairs 2024 Legislative Calendar (07.19.2024)

U.S. DOT NOFO Schedule for 2024 (07.09.2024)

APTA Fact Book (2023)

APTA Fact Book Infographic (2023)

APTA Advocacy Tools Fact Sheet (2024)

FRA FY 2021–2024 Restoration and Enhancement Grant Program NOFO (07.15.2024)

U.S. DOT Equity Action Plan Update Request for Information (07.15.2024)

FRA Railroad Crossing Elimination Program NOFO (07.10.2024)

U.S. DOT Correcting Amendments on Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Implementation Modifications (07.03.2024)

IRS Final Rule on Inflation Reduction Act Wage and Apprenticeship Requirements (06.25.2024)

FTA Notice on IIJA Apportionments, Allocations, and Program Information (FY 2024) (05.31.2024)

U.S. DOT Final Rule on RRIF and TIFIA Programs Regulations (05.24.2024)

FTA Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development Planning Grant NOFO (05.23.2024)

FRA Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Program NOFO (05.15.2024)

U.S. DOT SMART Stage 1 Grant NOFO (05.13.2024)

CEQ Final Rule on National Environmental Policy Act Implementing Regulations Revisions Phase 2 (05.01.2024)

EPA Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Grants NOFO (04.24.2024)

FHWA Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program NOFO (04.24.2024)

IRS Final Rule Correction on Elective Payment of Advanced Manufacturing Investment Credit (04.22.2024)

EPA Final Rule on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles (04.22.2024)

FTA Passenger Ferry Grant Program and Ferry Service for Rural Communities Program NOFO (04.17.2024)

FTA Final Rule on PTASP (04.11.2024)

FTA National Public Transportation Safety Plan Guide (04.2024)

FTA National Public Transportation Safety Plan Notice of Availability and Response to Comments (04.10.2024)

FRA Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) Grant Webinar Presentation (04.09.2024)

U.S. DOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs Summary (04.09.2024)

U.S. DOT Final Rule Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Implementation Modifications (04.09.2024)

APTA Legislative Conference (04.07-09.2024)

APTA THUD Appropriations (Transit) Talking Points (04.01.2024)

APTA THUD Appropriations (Passenger Rail) Talking Points (04.01.2024)

APTA POLICY BRIEF Public Transportation Ridership Update (04.01.2024)

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