Bus Safety & Security Excellence Awards

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The Bus Safety & Security Excellence Awards recognize APTA bus transportation and paratransit systems that have implemented programs or projects that have achieved documented success in addressing specific safety or security program areas.


Award Categories

Safety and Security Excellence Awards are presented in four categories. Three go to public systems based upon annual ridership measured in unlinked passenger trips. For paratransit initiatives and programs, se​lect the appropriate category for system-wide ridership.  A fourth category is open to private providers, either Transportation Management or Contracted Service providers, regardless of size. The categories are:

  • Public transportation systems providing fewer than 4 million annual passenger trips
  • Public transportation systems providing more than 4 million and less than 20 million annual passenger trips
  • Public transportation systems providing more than 20 million annual passenger trips
  • Private companies providing contracted transportation management and services to public transportation systems

Nominations Process

Nomination Form

Please note: You will need to sign in with your “MyAPTA” login to access the nomination form. If you have never used your “MyAPTA” account, or if you forgot your password, click here for instructions (opens in new window).

This is the link to the Awards entry page



If you have any questions or concerns please contact ​Director – Safety Brian Alberts at 202-496-4885 or by email at balberts@apta.com​.or Polly Hanson, Director – Security, Risk and Emergency Management at 202-496-4895 or by email phanson@apta.com.

Are you looking for the Rail Safety & Security Excellence Awards program?

Past Award Winners

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